Thursday, September 8, 2016

Pospisil's Gasthof Krone, Oberbruch

Eating out is one of my life's great pleasures. 

Slipping into something nice, wearing some sparkles. having my hair and face done, feeling pretty and turning one ordinary day into something special.

An evening spent with good company , filled with delicious booze,  nosh  and a healthy dose of laughter. If that 's not good enough to perk somebody up, I don't know what else will.

FF , my constant date and fellow food -enthusiast , shares my passion for dining out. He already mastered the art of  finding odd  celebrations . Being discharged  from the hospital,  passing an exam, surviving a stressful week at work,  acquiring a  travelling visa , finishing a home renovation project . You name it and we will celebrate it. 

This month, I finally received my German citizenship. Another a perfect excuse to splurge on food.   So off went to   Pospisil.

 A  Michelin recommended restaurant .

We were greeted by clean,  crisp table linens, spotless floor, glistering glasses and cutlery, shiny furnitures and friendly service.

I scrolled my eyes over the short but promising menu written on the blackboard and I knew, I'm in for a treat.

After a toast to  another life's milestone,  the ''celebration'' became official and 
our meal began.

It started of with an  amuse-bouce from the kitchen. Delicious fish cake with tartar sauce. It might look  and sound simple but  the flavors are more complicated than Taylor Swift and Kim Kardasian's feud!

FF orderned pan seared tuna on a bed of avocado tartar, which he wiped clean in no time.

Tonight is indeed my night,  two of my favourite foods ; foie gras and quail  were being offered an appetiser combo. A dish that both pleases the eyes and tickles the palate.

I rarely order pork when eating out and only tasted thinly sliced Jamón ibérico before. Pospisil's Iberian pork on the menu made me curious so I decided to give  their take on this premium breed of pork,  a try. It  which was served pink. I made me pause. I love my beef steaks , any cuts in that matter, cooked medium , even bloody.  But medium rare pork?! A small hesitant slice is all it took to throw away any of my reservations away.  It was butter- tender, tasted so...clean and subtle and even better than some steaks I've eaten in other places.

There's also a generous shavings of truffle  on the side. It definitely  spruce everything up . 

FF's  rib eye steak was also perfectly cooked and just as  tender. 

A generous serving of Spanish red and he was one happy camper.

Our tummies might be bursting in our pants but we want to know if their desserts are just as good as their savouries. So for research's sake, we pick two out of 5 desserts offered.

FF enjoyed a scoop of ice cream served with two  Zwetschge filled dumpling, rolling in butter and cinnamon sugar . A classic and delicious regional dessert.

Anything with chocolate is ok with me. Pospisil's white and dark chocolate terrine was bursting with flavours. The chocolates duo, the tangy mango ice cream and sweet-soury berries compliment each other better than any Korean love team.  It certainly gave my meal a happy ending

Menu changes monthly. 

The spread was different  when I went there with work colleagues. It remained just as enticing.

Few of my them  ordered an appetiser  consist of 4 different and beautiful looking terrines. 

I on the other hand, went for another artery clogging, but sinfully delicious foie gras. Perfectly pan seared and served on a bouquet of salad.

We practically order almost everything on the menu.

I  went for  Osso Bucco. Served with pasta. So, so good!

One at the table had a generous and beautifully cooked US flank steak.

While another, went for the cheek.

Two thoroughly enjoyed  pan fried fish served on frothy risotto .

While most of the colleagues finished their meal with double expresso. 

The rest of the group decided to give our sweet tooth a threat.

What a better way to end a fantastic meal than freshly baked and still warm fluffy pudding, drizzled with silky vanilla sauce?!

A  generous portion of white and dark chocolate terrine with mango sorbet perhaps?

Everyone was raving about the food and the fantastic service. 

Yup, Pospisil's , you're consistently good and never failed to impress. You just earned yourself some 
loyal patrons!

Pospisil´s Gasthof Krone
Seestraße 6   77815 Bühl-Oberbruch
Tel.: 07223 93600   Fax: 07223 936018
Di.+ Fr.  18:00-22:00
Mi.- Do. 12:00-14:00 & 18:00-22:00
Sa.- So.  12:00-14:00 & 18:00-22:00
Montag ist Ruhetag

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