Sunday, April 23, 2017

Pickled Radish Korean Style

This  pickled radish is a perfect condiment to anything fried or  grilled, I've realised. Goes perfectly well with my KFC Recipe.

In a bowl, dissolve 200 g of white sugar, a tbsp. of salt in 1 cup or water and a cup of rice vinegar. 

Stir until sugar and salt is completely dissolved. 

Wash and peel about 600 g of radish.  A Korean daikon will be perfect for this recipe but any radish will do. Cut into  1 cm cubes. You're eating it so it doesn't have to be perfect!

Transfer cubed radish into your pickling solution. Cover and let it set overnight. 

Transfer into mason close jar and refrigerate for 2-3 days before serving. The Radish is super crunchy  and  the sour , sweetish sauce is just addicting.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Helicopter Tour & Snorkelling The Great Barrier Reef, Cairns

It was hot and sunny when we landed in Cairns, Queensland . It's a mere three hour flight from Adelaide, yet it feels like we're in a completely different country  .It was cold and rainy when we left  South Australia, a typical Autumn weather, one could say. Cairns on the other hand , has a tropical feel to it, they even got palm trees! We shred our jackets, scarf and dress ourselves to fit the warm weather . 

When the heat got too much, we went back to the hotel and enjoy the cool blast of the AC.

Or spend an hour or two in the hotel pool which was suspiciously empty the entire time we were there.

A  stroll on the beach front became a routine . 

And dining choices are abundant and versatile. From fish and chips, burgers ,steaks, Chinese, Italian Indian, Local cuisine to fast food chains, you will be spoilt with choices.

We scored ourselves some great pipping hot pizzas and not so great steaks on the first night and were looking forward to  gustatory adventure while in Cairns.

We book a Helicopter and Snorkelling Tour via Viator while in Germany.  We want to see The GBR from the sky and on the water, just like the travel books. So, on our second day in Cairns, we were picked up from the hotel and were brought to the Heli Hangar.  After the mandatory Safety Instructions speech and signing of wavers like it's our last day on Earth, we were weigh like Tunas about to be sold to the highest bidder. After making sure that our group did not exceed the weight limit per flight  that could plunge the chopper straight into the ocean,  we were whisk into the Helipad. 

Then, we were finally guided to our respected seats. Being the smallest in the group, I got to sit beside the pilot ! It's my second chopper tour and for some reasons, I always got the front seat! Being a shorty certainly hat its quirks , sometimes. 

Finally off we flew! Like a bird in the sky. 

We flew over The Great Barrier Reef . The long stretch of the reef was so massive, its size makes it the only living structure visible from space.

We landed on a floating platform and were then transferred to a yacht, moored in the middle of the ocean. We were welcomed heartily  and were guided to our  spacious cabin. Next, we were given a little tour around the yacht, given  orientation about safety  and whatnot. Lunch and afternoon tea were included in the tour. Foods  was filling but nothing to show/shout  about. After making sure that we grasp how to stay alive  and unscathed while in the water, we were left to our own device to join the rest of the snorkelling and diving tourists.

FF and I put on our protective gears. We got a bit overboard and paranoid. We were  fearful of the tiny sea creatures call  box jellyfish, one of the deadliest in the world , apparently .  So we slip into a our tight, full body suit , making  us feel  like bloated sausages. Some people, apparently don't share our worries.

Then we jump into the water.

With our floatation devices on and under the watchful eyes of  lifeguards , we snorkelled.  

With our faces down the water, asses up the air we explored the Great Barrier Reef.

Occasionally  bumping into our fellow Power Rangers .

Sometimes seeing nothing but bubbles from the scuba divers'  Oxygen tanks below, who I bet, have much better view of the great barrier reef than we do. I would love to do scuba diving but since I can't swim, I fear that once submerged, I could never get on the surface again. FF naturally, stay on my side to calm my fear of deep waters.

I have been reading articles on how  climate change causes significant damages on the corals of GBR . The increasing water temperature resulted to coral bleaching . Sadly, it' true. It was indeed not as colourful and as  vibrant as the pictures I saw on many travel books while I was in high school . Most  of the corals look washed out , dull and even dead. The corals of Menjangang Island in Bali and Palawan were much healthier and striking.

Nevertheless I am happy to be here, to have a glimpse of  its fading marvel and hope that some day, The Great Barrier Reef it will be regain its magnificence again.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Exploring Adelaide: Park 2

We spent a week in Adelaide before travelling to the East of Australia, home to Great Barrier Reef. Our stay in the south of Australia was pretty laid back and relaxing. My aunt did considered our very long journey  from Germany and ensured our total recovery from Jet lag so we are fit and running for the rest of our Australian holiday  . She provided us sufficient rest each day, cook us delicious ,homemade meals before  exploring the city.

 Weather was getting crappy on our 7th day, it was pouring so we stay until lunch time at home. After a delicious spread of seafoods, we went off and look for some indoor places. We went to covered markets and old shops. We did not stay long since the guys look bored and almost unable to hold back their eyes from rolling at out over enthusiasm for  kitchen wares, potteries and crystals .  I still don't understand what up with men and shopping. Sigh.

When it finally stopped pouring, we went to the Botanic Garden to breath some fresh air . FF and Joe looked so relieved. Lol. Anyway, Adelaide has a number parks and gardens to visit and this is just one of them . I always check out for Botanical Gardens every time we visit a new place and generally love  leisure walks in greeneries. The clean smell of grass and old trees simply make me forgot about petty things like taxes, bills , deepening wrinkles and tightening pants. 

Just like the rest of the city,  Adelaide Botanic Garden is immaculately clean and is well maintained.

We saw check out interesting architecture and sculptures .

Walk through  topiary arches.

 Lily ponds,

old, gigantic trees,

Bamboo forrest,

And simply feast our eyes on all things green and growing.

Then we came across this tranquil pond, with trees showing  the touch of Autumn.

And I can't simply help it but play with the fallen leaves. 

Finally, the sun is starting to set when we made of way to  Glenelg

Watch in astonishment as the darkening sky turned into pinkish- purplish hue. 

We spent the rest of the evening watching the sky , mesmerised. 

The sun finally set, slowing engulfing the sky into darkness. The city lights up and y is once again bursting with activities. Restaurants and pubs starts to get busy , inviting by passers.

Joe, brought us to his favourite steak house,  Hogsbreath Cafe. We feasted on 18 hour slow- cooked, butter-tender prime rib steaks, delicious ribs,  tasty sides and  beautiful local wines. Although we are excited to explore other sides of Australia, FF and I were sad to leave. 

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