Thursday, March 20, 2014

Banana Fritters ala Mode

Okay! Okay! The truth is, it's just Banana_cue,   minus the skewers . But, it looks so sosyal  , it deserves a fancy name. Calling it simply  ''Banana Q'' is almost the banana , that is! I must say, I owe this dessert's upgraded  look to my newest kitchen tool,   the 3,19 euro plastic sauce dispenser. Thank you,  Sponsor !

Married gents could surely   relate to this  and experienced beau, probably too. Many wives/girlfriends developed this particular ailment after saying ''Yes!'' or " I Do. " . An ailment. An abnormal condition that affects the well being of an organism. It's the "Bilmoko" syndrome. Portmanteau for Filipino words, Bili mo ako  ( Buy me this).I  guessIt doesn't take a genius to know what it means   .  Symptoms are collective and  varies from case to case; hence, a syndrome. It's sporadic and in some err patients already, periodic . It  could get as seasonal as the weather. Severity stage starts from mild: Sweets and simple trinket phase to  prove-your-love-by-buying-me-everything-I-could-get-my-claws-on severe . Etiology : Idiopathic but cultural and familiar background are predisposing risk factors . It's not genetic but could be hereditary, after all,    daughters often mimic their mothers. Signs and symptoms may include general fatigue and malaise, mood swings or even depression, loss of appetite , restlessness, insomia and   obvious low sex drive. Possible manifestations: Murmuring , whining , sulking, nagging and dramatizing.  
Kaning Lamig aka Bahaw at your service!
Non treatment may result  to piling of unwashed dishes ,  unfolded socks and getting  kaning lamig. Although non life-threatening, it may cause severe the husbands/boyfriends. It's not infectious but apparently contagious, with 81%  probability of spreading to intimate social circle. Possible carrier: Green eyed microbes. Therapy : Malls and shopping bags. Prognosis depends on the partner's gullibility and monetary capability.

I was having my Bilmoko moment a week before FF's birthday and was embarrassingly whiny . " But! But! I neeeeeed it! " , I probably sound like a bloody 3 year old at Toys R Us,  but can't help it. Bilmoko attacks are  as uncontrollable as Parkinson's tremor . I was pointing my finger at the picture of  squeezable plastic bottle on Amazon as if my life depends on it. "What for?" , FF asked patiently . " To drizzle sauces and to garnish foods! "  . He raised an eyebrow. " Artistically!" , I added. He raised the other  brow. " I'm going to use it on your birthday party! " was already laying the  last card and trying to sound as convincing as I could. He gave up and bought it, probably hates  over sized, overfed looking toddlers especially when they're past 30s . I was a happy, happy wife and I clapped my hands. I don't normally ask FF to buy things for me  , thankfully , I have a sustaining job that enables me to purchase things I later regret buying . But, having a man that spoils you once in while, even in silly little thing like this, could get to one's head. No wonder,  Bilmoko syndrome has chronic and recurrent tendencies. 

Anyway, back to fancy looking dessert. It's simple. Toppings and sauce's just a matter of preference. Chocolate and bananas goes rather well together, however,  you could use caramel, vanilla or whatever sauce   you have in your pantry. I spent less than 10 euros on this dessert and it served 12. It might not look like it bit it was pretty cheap!

1.Peel and slice banana as pictured above. Tip: Don't use over ripe ones. It will get mushy.
2.Heat butter in a nonstick pan. 
3. Fry banana in butter. Once banana slices become golden brown, add in brown sugar. Let the sugar caramelize. There's no exact measurement of  this recipe. Just eyeball everything . Who needs one anyway? Say, each person could have 1 small sized banana.  The bananas one we bought today were  huge. 1 huge banana could serve up to 2 happy campers.
4. Once banana is thoroughly browned and coated with crumbly caramel. Take it out from the pan. 
5.Put banana fritters on the serving plate, top with ice cream, add whipped cream if you like spooning more calories, drizzle with your favorite sauce, garnish with nut brittle, a berry, a cherry or some sugary/ chocolaty decorative and serve immediately!

My artistic skill needs more honing. But everybody on the table was aaahhhing when this  dessert was served. Hmmming once they started eating. Felt like a domestic Goddess. Only the mess of my home says otherwise...

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