Monday, March 31, 2014

Forever 21: The Trinity

It was FF's   birthday celebration. Close family members came over for lunch. Small and intimate, just the way he likes it. Since my husband has been keeping me happy and contented all these years,  I feel like showing him how grateful I am. Since I can't afford the  Glashutte watch he's been watching intently in HongKong last year, nor have I enough money to burn on a Porsche 911, I made something that I know he would appreciate and makes him just as happy. After all, somebody said, that the way to the man's heart,  is thru his stomach. Or so thought a wife, before causing her Husband's Diabetes or Gout. 
Anyway, I am fortunate to have a man who likes and enjoys  simple things. Like a good piece of fresh Salmon filet,  crunchy shrimps  and simple yet delicious desserts.  Since it's his day, he is getting it all. 

Thai Pomelo Salad with Pan seared Prawns served with shrimp and mango Spring rolls

Main Dish:
Pan fried salmon filet wih mango salsa, served with rice and sauteed Brocolli


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