Monday, July 7, 2014

German Flag Inspired dessert

FIFA would cup fever is becoming a  pandemic and I, a football snob, is officially contaminated. How could one not be? The jovial mood, the fierce patriotism and the roller coaster emotions in the air , one could practically  inhale it. You can see  it, hear if, and feel it!

Schwarz- Rot- Gold  in now every German's favourite colours and is just everywhere I look. I see it at my neighbours' houses, on people's cars, in the shops and even at my workplace ! Tomorrow's the semi finals. Germany will play against the host , Brazil. Will Germany make it to the finals? Let's wait and see. One thing for sure though, this German Flag inspired sweet will certainly make Germany's victory even sweeter or at least console a bitter disappointment . After all, nothing numbs  better than chocolate . Serve it at home if you are having some football fanatics coming over. Win or lose, this fruity and berrylicious dessert is certainly a keeper.


For Gold..
200ml chilled cream
400 ml Mango pulp ( other option: peach compote)
1 tbsp. vanilla sugar
1/2 tsp. turmeric powder
3 gelatin sheets

Beat cream until double in volume and fluffy. Beat in 1 tbsp of vanilla sugar and turmeric powder. Stir in mango pulp or peach compote , if using. Soften gelatin sheet in water , squeeze out excess water , put in a small bowl and pop in the microwave for half a minute until it liquifies. Add a tablespoon of mango cream mixture to tamper the temperature. Then stir into the mango cream until well incorporated. Pour about half a  cup of the mixture into your serving bowl or glass. Allow to set and refrigerate for about 6 hours. Best made the night before the game. (^_^)

For Red..
500 Red berries such as strawberry
1 tbsp sugar
alternative ingredients: raspberry, red currant, cherries with stones removed

Clean about 200 g strawberry, remove stems and put in a blender, puree until thick. I add a handful of red currant to add vibrant red colour and sour-y tone. Clean the rest of the strawberry, cut into small chunks, sprinkle with a spoon of white sugar. Add about half of the strawberry sauce and strawberry chunks until well combined. Save the rest of the strawberry sauce.

For Black..
chocolate cake crumbs
alternative ingredients : crushed Oreo cookie, brownies , chocolate cookies, graham crackers or blackberries


Take out chilled mango cream from the fridge. Add a spoon of strawberry sauce on it. Tilt glass to spread red sauce evenly. Add strawberry chunks. About 2-3 spoons. Top it with another tbsp of sauce. Add your black toppings. I used a store bought chocolate pound cake for less than 2 euro. Too lazy to bake one. That's it!  Chill and serve after the match...if you could wait, that is.  Enjoy it anytime.

One for the win. Go go go Germany!

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