Monday, January 18, 2016

Burger Marie, Offenburg

What makes a burger, a good burger?

Is it the bun? The patties? The sauces? The condiments? 

I am perfectly happy with the foods I  got here Germany.  The regional cuisine is more than  satisfying. Eating out is always a pleasure. But, I was never been blown away by the burgers I had here in this country. Never. They don't make great burgers here... Period!

Germans take pride in their beer. Their smorgasbord of bread, to die for. The sausage are fantastic . Even the great  steaks are abundant, plus , our region's close proximity to France ensures that sauces are rich and flavourful. But, a good burger is hard to come by. Looks like Germans spend all their time and effort in perfecting Curry wursts and Schnitzels.

After fruitless years of searching the ultimate burger here in Germany, I simply gave up. Then, my brother in law and his wife started talking about this burger joint in Offenburg. They are positively raving . It made it curious. So I dragged FF and our nephew, Jacob,  to visit the place last weekend to put it to a test.

Burger Marie is a no-fuss, American -style diner just beside Forum Cinema in Offenburg.

We came few minutes before its opening hours but the place quickly filled up.  The restaurant is spacious and bright. The hanging chairs from the ceiling gave the place a playful and child-friendly atmosphere. Jacob made himself comfortable and started swinging as I checked the place and menu .

Orders are made at the counter, foods will be delivered at your table by the service crew once it's done. 

Menu is short, comprising of few burgers ,side dishes, fizzy drinks, beer  and few cocktails.

 Soon, our burgers and fries are delivered to our table. Jacob was quick to dig in. His burger is void of any sauces or usual condiments.  Just a stab of beef patty and smoked bacon sandwiched between the golden buns. Along with it, fries.  Simple as it is, it was the best burger he ever had, he claimed.  That's one down, two more to go.

FF opt for a fiery El Paso Burger. It came with spicy chorizo salami, chopped jalapenos , crunchy greens , tomato and avocado cream. Each ingredient undeniably fresh and made made from scratch.  The men behind these burger mean business. FF is silently but meticulously gnaw his burger till the last crumb. Thumbs up x 2 

 He ordered fries with Parmesan and herbs. Very addictive..

 A plate of crunchy onion rings sat at the middle of the table for sharing. Extra crispy and not greasy. yum!

I decided to go all out and order as much proteins as this joint could offer. So I ordered a rather generous portion of crispy friends buried in spicy chili con carne , chopped jalapenos and melted cheese sauce. Everything on our table is faultless.

Even my alcohol-free Ipanema was good!

I was beyond excited as I sat  face to face with Marie Gold. My new BFF. She look mighty fine and dandy, all sassy and saucy.  Patty cooked to perfection, generously  garnished with Schwarzwald smoked bacon, fresh veggies ,  tangy mayo-mustard dressing hold together by pillowy bun. She's a sight to behold.

Just like some sappy , over shared Facebook quotes about inner beauty, I cut Marie gold into half to look into her inner qualities. Wow! She's fine to the core. The patty was cooked medium , just like every decent burger should be. With eyes rolling behind my head, I was euphorically quiet as I enjoy and savour 20 minutes of pure burgasm.

So back to the question above. What does it take to make a burger, a good burger?

Visit Burger Marie and you will find out!



Montag - Freitag 12:00 - 14:00 Uhr & 17:00 - 22:00 Uhr
Samstag 12:00 - 22:00 Uhr 
Sonntag 12:00 - 21:00 Uhr 


77652 Offenburg
Telefon: 0781 / 93203703 


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