Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Thai Pomelo Salad with crispy Onion

I rarely make salads at home. Why? Because I suck at doing it that even my usually uncomplaining man truthfully admits . My vinaigrette's either too sour, too sweet, too bland or too much! He even prefers eating my father in law's salads. And the old man idea of cooking is marinating strips of meat in Knorr and Maggi concoctions! That does it! No salad making for me.

Then, I saw  Thai Pomelo Salad on the Internet . It looks seriously appetising, mocking and  almost daring me. Try me if you can, I could almost hear it taunt me behind the PC screen.  I dared test the unruly waters and ventured in the world of salad making. I  was testing and seasoning the salad dressing again and again, making sure it tasted like it should be. Sweet, sour, tangy, salty, spicy. I might have used all my teaspoons in the kitchen that afternoon. But oh boi! It was more delicous than I thought!  FF was digging into the salad like his favourite ice cream! Hurrah! Join the happy dance!

1 Pomelo, peeled and break into  serving pieces
2 tbsp. desiccated coconut
2 tbsp. roasted peanuts
a handful of coriander
1 chili pepper, more if you like it hot
1 small onion mix with 1 tbsp. flour
oil for frying

Salad dressing:
1/3 cup lime
4 tbsp. coconut milk
1 tbsp. Palm sugar
tbsp. fish sauce


Heat desiccated coconut in a pan until lightly brown and aromatic. Set aside.

 In a bowl, whisk dressing ingredients together. Feel free to add a tablespoon or more of any of the ingredients  to suit your taste.

Add salad dressing into the prepared pomelo. Toss until well combined.

Cut onion into thin strips. Toss in flour. Fry until golden brown. Drain in paper towel.

Add onion into the pomelo salad. 

Toss in the sliced clilies, roasted peanuts and coconut. Done!

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