Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fried Risotto Balls

Every time I cook Risotto, I always make sure that I make huge portions. The girl has her reasons, you know. One , FF and I eat so much of it ,our sweats could turn saffron yellow any minute now and  second,  the leftovers could be made into something that we like even better than plain risotto. I know, risotto is  in itself  quite delicious, but delicious foods when bathe in fat gets even  more delicious, it's almost heavenly sinful! We can't simply say no to anything deep fried.  There are few dishes that actually taste better the next day. In this case, leftover risotto is shaped into balls, stuffed with anything you fancy , from melty cheeses to leftover meats and vegetables then deep fried. Who could ever say no to that?! Knowing FF and I, nothing stirs our blood more than foods rolled in hot oil and fried to a crisp. I don't even want to know how our capillaries look at the moment but there are things better left unknown.

These delicious treats are ideal for parties. Prepare them the night before and pop them in the oven while you do your hair instead  of playing ''catch me if you can'' with the hot oil in the kitchen while the party's rolling. It  is practical and they don't get less delicious when reheated.

Arancini di riso
(God I love sounding Italian!)

Put cold Risotto from 500 g of rice in a big mixing bowl and add in 3 eggs , about 80 g of grated Parmesan cheese and 2 tbsp of flour. Mix everything together. Forget the mixing spoons, use your hands. Nobody says it's not going to be messy! You got to know if you have the right consistency. The rice has to hold its shape, sa bit crumbly but not dry , moist but not saggy. Add  more grated Parmesan cheese if necessary. Risotto was already seasoned so I don't see any reason to put salt and pepper again.

Scope a handful of rice ( you did wash your hands ,right? Keep it wet then) and shape it into a ball. Take what ever filling you have and bury these treasures into your rice balls! Pearl mozzarella is ideal as it saves you some time from cutting it into pieces thus giving  you more time to pay with your balls. Any melty cheese will do.

Roll the risotto ball in flour ( lightly , we don't want it too starchy) and then into  beaten eggs. Look at those cluster of balls at the background waiting for their egg bath!

Then, roll it in breadcrumbs for extra crunch and bready goodness. Don't wait for Christmas and fry them balls until golden brown. Drain on paper towel for the sake of your heart and serve risotto balls pipping hot. I won't say enjoy cause I know you would.

Risotto ball with some leftover oxtail stew. Molto squisito!!

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