Saturday, June 16, 2012

Strawberry mille crêpe cake

I was still on a mango mille crêpe cake heaven when I got a phone call from FF's cousin, sweet Nic. Her daughters L and L will be celebrating their birthdays together the coming Saturday and asked us if we could  come . I was ecstatic since I'm off work that day and could join the rest of the family. Before saying adieu, I  asked her if I could bring something for dessert.  She eagerly said ''Yes!'' and asked me if I could bring something cold since we would be having  some barbecue. I was already rubbing my hands together in anticipation at the request, wanting to know if my previous experiment is indeed as good as FF claimed. He's not a dishonest man to begin with, but then again, he is a husband who simply wants to please his wife, if you catch my drift. (^_^). With intention  of making the rest of my German family fall in love with Asian mangoes ( although most of them are well traveled and have been to some parts of Asia themselves), I went off to the biggest supermarket in the neighboring town to look for the  delicious Mangoes I bought the previous week. How disappointing, since not a trace of those were at sight. Mangoes from other continents were abundant, but it was not good enough for me.

I was about to give up on the Mille crêpe cake when boxes and boxes of luscious strawberries caught my attention. It's in season and everybody in the family seemed to love them so I decided to make Strawberry Mille crêpe Cake instead. It got a lot of attention as I carried it to the party that Saturday. With  echoes of aaaahhs and ooohhhs at the background,  I walked feeling like supermodel carrying a calorie bomb on a runway,  totally ignoring the fact that it was the cake that was sucking up all the attention. It was the first dessert to vanish at the dessert table, if I may add . It was gone in less than 5 minutes once I started slicing it.  The only complain was, I did not made enough of it, said a few disgruntled  uncles who have to share a slice  with their wives! I now dare proclaim myself, the Family's mille crêpe cake Queen ! LOL

Strawberry mille crêpe cake ala Emily Recipe

Just make and cook  crêpes  as instructed here. Then wash and pat dry 500 g of fresh, ripe strawberries, remove the leaves and stems and discard. Then  purée strawberries with 5 tablespoons  of caster sugar and juice of half a lemon. Make strawberry mousse by following this recipe  but replacing the puréed mangoes  with puréed strawberries . Frost and garnish cake as you wish and refrigerate it overnight before serving.

Pretty inside out! Strawberry mille crêpe cake.


  1. awesome... its so inviting... dang that calorie,forget the number just think how yummy it is.... good job Ems,, your a foodieholic :))

  2. Thank you, it's undeniable and it shows. Lol

  3. Hi Ems,just wanna clarify.did u mean remove the leaves and stems or steam the strawberries before pureeing?thanks

    1. After removing the leaves and stems, I pureed the berries without heating or cooking it.Sorry about the typo error there, did not even notice it, thanks!hehe


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