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Bohol Bee Farm.

In every trip that FF and I made, there's always something we called ''The Highlight''. It could be an adrenaline pumping moment which  stirred our usually mellow disposition chaotic, a quiet yet eventful day soaked in a picturesque scenery  , an unforgettable meal that literally knocks us off our feet. But the things is, agreeing on A highlight is not an easy feat since FF and I are poles apart.  My interest is not always his interest and the thing that excites him  like a kid in wonderland sometimes sends me to sleep. It goes without saying that even though we explore a place together like two peas in a pod, his highlight is not always my highlight.  FF must always commune with nature while I on the other hand, love anything fake and artificial .  He likes old architectures and I love the malls. He loves the sea, I prefer the pool. He likes fresh open air spaces, I prefer air conditioned and contained edifices. The list could go on forever.We used to play tug of war on the street with him wanting to tread right and me heading in the opposite direction . Before serious marital problems arise, we learned to compromise  . We decided to have His and Her-time during vacation.  He must to have enough time to visit a place  where all things that grow and green are abundant and where culture and heritage dominates the scene like an impossible to miss  street sign and  I got to spend enough time to go malling, stroll through knick-knacks shops and souvenir stores searching and buying things that I don't need  . Girls...yah know.

Dining with a magnificent view
Visiting Bohol Bee Farm was a pleasant surprise.  They have things that captured both our interest. Nestled within the cocoon of lush surroundings, developed and was made even more beautiful by human imagination and creativity. Bohol Bee Farm is a bed and breakfast/restaurant/spa establishment that  pays a great value on agriculture and environmental development as well as organic farming.   We both fell in love with the it

The entire place is filled with things both interesting and fascinating and  my eloquent curiosity  about how anik-aniks are made was piqued. Using indigenous materials,  they make woven baskets, mats, hats, fans, beaded accessories, key chains, home decorations and much much more .  This is also a part of Bohol Bee Farm's livelihood program, helping the community by providing some locals a way to earn a living. Kudos to the person who made all these possible!

The Boss' unique crib

While I was having a blast looking at the different souvenir items and  edible products, FF wandered around the place looking bewildered. If there's something Bohol Bee Farm is good at, it's paying attention to details. Hidden in many   nooks and crannies are things that could capture one's attention. Beautiful flowers, exotic plants and shrubs, artistic wood works, paintings, sculptures, seashells and woven crafts  adorned the place .
 The entire resort is somehow a reflection of the the owner's unique taste. Although Filipino inspired, it is somehow tinged with a subtle country-style flair.

If you want to know everything about Bee cultivation and honey production, BBF offers  a guided tour which is both educational and entertaining. Honey products are also sold in their shop and could be a very nice pasalubong . However, if all you want to do is to fill your tummy with sumptuous yet healthy foods  while bathing in see breeze and magnificent view, stray no further. Bohol Bee Farm offers all that and more.

Two out of the three restaurants of Bohol Bee Fare are located on a cliffy area overlooking the sea. Loved the different table  settings with miss matching furnitures  . The weather beaten look  of the   floor , some  tables and chairs added more character to this rustic place. The restaurant  has a homey feel to it, casual enough to be enjoyed among family and friends yet relaxing and has a romantic milieu suited for couples.

Woven Menu cards.

And then there's the food. Organic, homegrown, delicious! This lunch was the best meal we had in Bohol . FF and I both agreed on this. Not knowing what to order since everything sounds appetizing, we decided try their  buffet which basically consist of their best sellers .For only 550 PhP/person , array of  delicious  foods were laid on our table, it was almost overwhelming. We invited our very friendly tricycle driver who drove us around Panglao island that day and the three of us had a feast!

Organic Garden salad with honey mustard dressing
Lesson of the day, if  bees can eat it, so can you. Try some of these edible flowers! The crunchy greens and its colorful accompaniments will have you mooing for a good reason.

Camote Bread with three kinds of spreads.
Freshly baked , super fluffy and aromatic . So divine! Filipino has a  propensity for sweetish and soft breads  . Served with delicious trio spreads of honey, pesto and mango. Can't make up my mind which one was the best since I loved 'em all! These spreads and many other alternatives are also sold in their shop.

Cab-Cab Chips with green tomato salsa
 A healthier option to those who loves chips. ( Batman look to your right!).  Never thought that Cassava could be served this way. Interesting crunchy texture with a subtle taste .

Seafood Soup
 Healthy and flavourful with enough veges that would make your doctor proud of you. The broth has a gingery tang to it with well balanced amalgam of greens , shellfish and clams  . Very comforting. Won't really mind having a bowl or two of this on a cold and  snowy day here in Germany.

Honey glazed chicken,  baked spare ribs and grilled  Marlin Steaks.
Protein rich and filling main dishes.  Both the meats and fish retained their succulence . Portions are generous and enough to feed a family of 5!

Seafood lasagna
My  favorite among the extensive spread.  It was cheesy, tomatoey and savory. Since this is a buffet, you can ask for seconds...or thirds of any of the dishes on the buffet menu. This is more than enough though.

Organic Red rice with sweet potato
A feast is not  a feast without rice, not in the Philippines anyway. Bohol Bee Farm gives  Pinoy's staple food  a healthy and palatable twist. For once, you could have enough carb without filling guilty.

Home made Mango and Malunggay ice cream.

We ended our hearty meal with this treat . Again, I was amazed at the ingenuity of the people behind this . Malunggay leaves, a bitterly herb which is usually used in our soups and stews was added to this cold tasty dessert to impart its own unique flavor .Never thought of that! The ice cream from Bohol Bee Farm was a bit dense with texture resembling our sorbetes, not  as satin smooth  or as creamy as gelatos but it was never the less delicious.

So what makes this place so amazing? I guess were awed with the whole concept. Turning a indistinct piece of land into sometime productive and  self sustaining. Engaging the locals, teaching them  how to take care of the environment, how to grow and nurture locally grown foods  effectively, using it differently and wisely. Looking at how the place and its people grow together and making this community foster was astounding. ''Bee...happy!'',   says Bohol Bee Farm and looking at the people who work here and seeing  pride shine through  their eyes as they show their crafts and livelihood and  savoring the foods they plucked from their own backyard ,we did feel privilege to have experience it and yes...happy.

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