Monday, January 19, 2015

Langkawi Sights and Eats: Day 5

It was a glorious, glorious  day. The most relaxing and enjoyable  we had in Langkawi and clearly the highlight of our trip. We did numerous boat tours before, island hopping is not foreign to us but it's FF's and my first sailing trip. The lovely couple Bea and Carl , owner and host of the Catamaran  certainly know what they are doing and deserve an ''A'' for  efficiency . I swear they could read your minds, for they are onto you giving you a hand, handling you a drink,  prepare your slippers way before you could even ask for it and realize you actually need it. They are engaging and warm, making every guest on board feel comfortable with them and with each other. I highly recommend this trip! Let me show you how wonderful our day was.

There's the Catamaran, Rampant. Sleek and cosy and could fit 12 people  comfortably. We met two lovely families on board. A family of 4 from Norway and another family from Melbourne. After an initial silence, Bea and Carl's engaging and warm personalities broke whatever cultural and language barrier there is. Everybody  was chatting merrily with each other the entire day.

 After showing us the rope, listening to important instruction how to stay safe and secure on board, we all spread out and look for the most comfortable place we  could find. FF found his, sat on this corner like his name's written on it.

This is my favourite place. It was made for me. If this is a theatre or a concert, I  would call it ''The front row''. 


Contrary to the local  Astro Boy, Bea,  is well informed and knowledgeable about Langkawi. She knows local myths and folklores that govern the island. This particular mountain resembles a woman  lying on her back, obviously knocked up. Bea said, there's a lake behind it which locals fondly call,  Pregnant Maiden Lake. It is said that the water has fertility properties, making any woman who drink from it pregnant ..or not.  Either  a baby or diarrhea anyway..

 After listening to some entertaining stories, which I honestly a sucker of, there are few activities on and off the catamaran to make each of us entertained and busy.  I tried kayaking for the first time, under the watchful eye of Carl.

 Well, what do yah know? I just realised , I'm pretty good at it! 
If total relaxation is what you're after,  you could just laze around, read a book, enjoy the view, feeling the gentle breeze kiss your face.

Spot the only non-swimmer on board..(°-°)

FF decided  to play captain for a while. Needless so say, everyone on board and the catamaran survived these minutes without a scratch .

 Just when I thought things couldn't get any more better. Bea called everyone to enjoy my favourite pastime  activity, eating!

 A wide spread of buffet comprising of 11 savoury Malaysian dishes were served for lunch. One dish more tasty the other. This is just half of what we had on that day. All the jacuzzing, kayaking, lying, laughing and chatting made me hungry, so I put down my camera down  after two snaps.

Bea will make sure you are kept hydrated as well. Water, soda, juices , beer and wine are available all through out the day. Fresh slices of fruits and snacks were also available soon after that!

Later that afternoon, we went to a almost deserted island. It used to be one, until somebody decided to build a ''restaurant'' on it, bringing more trash than diners from the mainland.

The shore was amazing! The sand is powdery, water is clear. This was Bea's well kept secret island, which she likes to keep clean as much as she could.

 We spent a lazy afternoon in here.

 Then we took a nice little stroll into the mangrove rich isle with Bea sharing some tidbits about the place and the surroundings.

Then we went back to the water. FF and I were the last to climb back up the Catamaran. It was almost 4 in the afternoon when our sailing trip regretfully came to an end. 

After freshening up, we visited  Sakrata Spa again and enjoyed another session of serious pampering .

Dinner was at The Privilege Restaurant. 

FF and I had a three course meal. I honestly can not recall  the name of the dishes we ordered but I was blown away by everything we had that evening. From the wanton cup with shrimp , the crispy soft shell crab, the satays, the rendang and that über- delicious creme brûlée . This was the best meal we had in Langkawi. A pity to have discovered this place on our last night .
  1. Address: Jalan Pantai Kok, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia

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