Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Komaneka at Tanggayuda

''Welcome back home ,Ibu Emily , Bapak Juergen.'' FF and I were greeted, as we step back into the hotel grounds. We were hot and sweaty from our day tour but the welcoming sight of familiar and friendly faces, offering everything that ensure our comfort and satisfaction make me forget what little fatigue I'm feeling.  Every staff, from the reception, down to the waiters at the restaurant are so genuinely warm and friendly , they make me feel practically like a family and yes , right at home.

I have been to many different places, stayed at different hotels and humility aside, thanks to  our sustaining jobs, FF and I , manage to stay at a fare share of luxury accommodations. But,   Komaneka at Tanggayuda has a special place in my heart. Although I have seen more lavish, more luxurious resorts than this , Komaneka , possessing every bit of Balinese hospitality and spirit tops them all. It is all about getting back what you paid for and more. Like most lucky few who have been to this place, I also have stories to tell. 
There's a huge cookie jar at the room that is refilled daily, along with it are fresh local  fruits. There's these delicious Balinese cakes and  other local treats offered every afternoon , a free and comfortable shuttle ride to Ubud centre and other Komaneka properties, parting gifts, free carving lesson, complimentary yoga lessons ,  tickets to Neka Museum  and turn down services. Ooh the list could go on forever! Aside from that, here are some reasons why, it's easy to fall in love with this place.

The room

We stayed at Premier pool villa. Large, spacious, looks and smells immaculately clean, modern yet with Balinese  influences plastered all over.  Tastefully decorated  and equally large bathroom  with indoor and outdoor showers, huge tub with ( gulp) rose petals floating  ,  hers and his vanity sink and large closets and storage for your luggages .  It's beautiful and makes me dream of having one.

Each villa has its own pool ensuring total privacy. Premiere villas however, have bigger lap pools. 

The Grounds

Cocooned within the lush foliage, with a beautiful garden and offering a magnificent  view of  rice terraces, paddies and the River Oss, Komaneka is an oasis of peace and tranquillity . It offers both ultimate comfort and relaxation. Cliches aside , It will definitely  be your home, away from home.

The Spa

Visited the spa every second day of our stay. It was one of the best massages I ever had during my stay in Bali. And yes, I've been to many and more expensive Spas. Pampering was never been this good. You will feel deliciously languid and utterly relaxed after each treatment.

The Foods

You will be spoilt with the choices offered .  The spread below is just a sample of what you can get during your stay. Everything's made from scratch and to your personal preference. It's like having a private cook what will cater to your every whim. 

Breakfast on day 1. Orange waffle. banana cake, chicken murtabak and omelette. Slices of tropical fruits , muesli, freshly squeeze orange juice served with coffee and tea. Feels like 4-course meal. Not a bad way to start a day, eh?

I don't know if I was just hungry or it was the fresh air, the beautiful surroundings, the sound of nature that serenades us that made me eat more heartily than usual.

You can have your breakfast within the privacy of your villa or at the restaurant . There are many breakfast menus to choose from and you can combine or mismatch things offered at your fancy.

 A typical Balinese breakfast for a change. Serving is very generous, you can make it trough the day without lunch! 

Once the clock hits 3 PM, Balinese cakes and sweets, cookies and fruits are yours for the taking. Served with choices of tea, coffee or fruit juices . And yes, it's for free!

Room service . Komaneka has the tendency to make their guests so pampered to the point of being lazy. It constantly  reminds me I'm really on holiday. After lounging and lying around, FF and I, sometimes make a quick call at the restaurant and have our food delivered and served at our room. 

We celebrated our wedding anniversary there. It was a surreal experience. We have one of the  resort's pool to ourselves. It was adorned by flickering lights that illuminated through the night  while being serenaded by soft ballads  . For once, I forgot about the foods . (^-^) Only that it was good and plentiful, I could barely finish anything, making our indulging waiter, Gun, worried. I was giddy and over the moon. Can't blame a girl for being smitten with such treat, no?

The Staff

Certainly what makes Komaneka exceed. The real gems of this resort.  They will show you what real Balinese soul is about. You can't help but fall for these people, for they, with all their honest willingness to please will surely leave a lasting print in your heart. 

Tilthen Komaneka! Hope to see you again, very soon!

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