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Bewitching Bali Day 7

 Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day. Luckily, Komaneka offers  quite a spread to fuel up a body . This is just a sample of the smorgasbord of foods that awaits a guest every morning.
Considering what's in store for us today, we almost licked the plates clean til last  crumb of calorie.

Juli picked us up again this morning and drove us around. First , we travelled to Tegalalang rice terraces , where FF pretend he's a farmer for 15 seconds. One can however, linger longer than than and explore the place at one's leisure. I saw few travellers walking along the rice paddies.

We drove off to our next destination. Gunung Kawi.

The terrain is quick to follow. The sight is a feast to behold.

We passed by some irrigation that provides water to the vast fields ahead. 

 Walk beside rice paddies..

  Down the steep rocky steps..

 Through a tunnel that leads to rock-cut shrines . These  funeral monuments are thought to be dedicated to King Anak Wungsu of the Udayana dynasty and his queen and favourite concubines. A ladies' man,  judging by the numbers of monuments,

There are also funeral monuments dedicated to his children. The place is wide and seeping with ancient majesty .

There's a bridge to cross

And enchanting river to pass.

We finally bid adieu to the mythical creatures that guards its gate..

The steps in Gunung Kawi are steep and plenty. Wear a comfortable shoe and bring some water with you. I need more than just refreshments after that strenuous walk. It burned all the calories I chewed and swallowed at  breakfast. Time to refuel...

Lunch was abundant but plain tasting Indonesian buffet. But the great view of Mt. Batur and its lake in Kintamani is priceless. Most restaurants in the area have terraces and balconies where diners can sit and appreciate such view.

After lunch, we went to Tirta Empul in Tampaksiring.

A  sacred temple houses spring pools where believers clean and purify themselves .

 Worshipers first give offerings at the temple before going to the pool to pray and bathe.

Tirte Empul means '' Holy Spring'' in Balinese. Many believe  that the water from this spring has curative properties, cleansing not also the sins but the body of the bather as well.
Some worshipers bring containers with them and collect this sacred water to take back home to a sick family member.

A  springs bubble up into a large, crystal-clear pool within the temple and gush out through waterspouts into a bathing pool.

Exit will lead you through a labyrinth  of stalls, seeling all things imaginable. From intricately carved animal bones ( below)

To wooden phalluses , available in all sizes. Apparently, male genitalia represents the Supreme god Shiva Linga, and will bring you luck . You certainly need luck while explaining that to the airport customs .

The last site we visited was Goa Gajah or Elephant cave.
Unlike Goa Lawah or  where real bats are hanging within the bowels of the caves, there's no living elephant  around this place.
 The cave itself is small . Opening is just big enough to fit one visitor at a time.

Just like Gunung Kawi. There's also an abundance of  greens and craved stones all over the place.
 Again lots of steps...

The place has an enchanting feel to it. As if any moment, an elf or or fairy could spring from behind those trees.
There's a small waterfalls and shallow ponds  amidst the greeneries..

  After saying good bye to the nameless faces that  seem to have grown out from earth, we decided to call it a day.

It was a scorching day, we were sweating buckets the whole time. Before heading  back to the resort, we made a quick and much needed stop at  this beautifully decorated restaurant  for some refreshments.
Bale Udang Ubud
We cool our sizzling heels down with cold beer, fresh coconut water and icy treats.

Guest could choose to dine in the main restaurant or in bamboo huts over water with fishes swimming under their  feet. The vast area makes  the air blow freely. Better than any air conditioning.

Dinner was at Bebek Bengil. Yasa's recommendation. Thankfully, Komaneka made some reservation. The place was packed!

We had a smoked duck, which is a house specialty. It has to be ordered 24 hours in advance! 
This duck died for a good cause. It was tender, succulent and breaming with flavours. We ate the whole thing! It came with condiments and side dishes. 

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