Saturday, May 23, 2015

Bewitching Bali Day 8

Every bit as flashy and as fancy as any picture on a  travel magazines. One look at Viceroy's Lembah  Spa photo  is all that it took to convince me to go to Bali. Yup, sometimes a sheer photograph is all one needs to pack a bag , travel and cross a continent.

The impeccably designed infinity pool , along with the view of the luscious valley   and the mesmerising gush of  Ayung river below is jaw dropping. This will welcome you as you step down  the stylish lobby. Viceroy Ubud  is a surprisingly small resort with   big 5  stars written all over it.

We came here for this view and for a promise of  good foods.

  Between the gorgeous infinity pool and the posh Lembah Spa is the high and thatched roof , open air  CasCades Restaurant  .  

With its tastefully decorated interiors and  beautiful landscape surroundings,  it certainly perked both my interest and  appetite.


Seared Foie Gras .Pan-Seared French Duck Liver / Kluwek Sauce / Tamarind chutney / Starfruit Coulis / Pain D'Epices Crumble / Daikon Strings. 
It was buttery and literally melts in the mouth. 

Served with crusty warm bread and  rolls , along with good quality cold butter.

The Mains:
I saw a picture of this burger somewhere and requested to have it even if it's not on the menu.They have menus exclusively for their staying guests, and this is just one of those foods available for them. Luckily , Cascades  still extended their hospitality to me and let me have it. How nice.

FF stick to the menu available  .
Tasmanian Salmon / Sous Vide Lemon Zest and Thyme Tasmanian Salmon Fillet / Potato Confit / Cilantro Cream / Corn Chips / Ocean Flavored Popcorn Crumble


 A delicate and small portioned trio of goodness.  Every crumb is exploding with flavors.

 A refreshing raspberry sorbet

 Lemongrass tinged creme brûlée . 

All those delicious foods had me purring like a contended cat as we travel back to Komaneka.

A quick dip in the pool and another  session of serious papering from Komaneka's excellent spa later that afternoon,  perfected my promising day.

Our time in Bali is getting to a close. It somehow made me sad. Thankfully, with the help of Facebook, I met a friend and school mate to cheer me up. Rose  is also in Bali for a holiday . We met for  dinner. To make things even better. Yasa , who became quite a friend to FF and me, had a day off and agreed meet us as well. He joined us at Melting_Wok_Warung-Ubud .  He also is kind enough to drive us to our destination and send us all back home, free of charge!

Melting Wok is a small cozy place . Menu is written on a chalkboard which is carried around and presented by waitstaffs. Atmosphere is lively, faces of people  eating, happy. A very good sign.

Foods at melting wok are packed with flavors and with just enough heat to  whet  diner's appetite.  Portions are generous and service is excellent. The French owner is a lovely lady who makes sure that every guest is well attended to. Her distinct french nasal  chattering could be heard  within the premises while her laughter and merry mood infects patrons as she hops and socializes from one table to another.

Desserts are just as delicious as the savouries.

Rose enjoyed some crepes drenched in generous chocolate sauce and ice cream,

 I had this silky custard with coconut sauce..

FF on the other hand, enjoyed the chocolatey version with a scoop of ice cream. Yasa completely skipped the sweets and preferred liquid err dessert. He was just as happy.

Because of its relatively good priced and delicious  foods, Melting Wok it is quite popular in Ubud. Place is packed when we got there, thankfully, Komaneka made some reservations ahead. Try to call for a table esp. at dinner time to secure a place.

Melting Wok Warung
13 Jl. GootamaUbud, BaliIndonesia

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