Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Monte Christo , Baden Baden

This year's July was definitely not my month. I was on the surgeon's table once again , not for some much needed maintenance which will undoubtedly make me look better than ever, but for some life -saving repairs.
Thankfully,  surgery went off without a hitch.  However, the next two weeks were my least favourite days this year. I caught an infection, was in pain,  sleepless and what do you know, lost my appetite! I was so miserable that I did not even rejoice at my weight loss.

As per doctor's advice, I took my time recuperating. Nothing  strenuous in the next weeks, he says. I have a body to heal and a mind to calm, per se . So I was stuck at home, reminiscing good times and good places.  Often, I dreamed of our previous vacations, of warm rays of sunshine, tan, of friendly people and of delicious foods.

3 weeks post surgery, My wounds are finally started healing, my appetite's returning and my moods, well, testy. Being homebound did not fare me well.  It  made me restless . I miss being surrounded by people and miss being in the middle of all bustle  and hustle.  FF knew,  how happy disposition and fresh air could attribute to a patient's well being , so he decided to take me out to dinner.

He brought me to  Monte Christo  . 
Revered for its good food and  efficient service, this Spanish restaurant is smack in the middle of Baden Baden. 

The place  is compact, cozy and was buzzing with people just few minutes after it opened. I managed to whipped my camera and took few pictures of the colourful tiled walls, mismatch furniture and cactus adorned  restaurant before people started pouring. Soon after that,  empty seats were filled.  It was jam packed at 6 in the evening, so reservation is a must, esp. on weekends.

After weeks of being  on mostly soft diet and light meals, FF decided to throw me a little feast. Tapas is a perfect way of indulging in variety of foods and be ok with it. It's like a buffet brought to your table.

After a toast to recovery and good health, the food started coming. 

  Few olives and slices of bread are placed on each table, courtesy of the house.

Croquetas de jamón Ibérico

Iberico croquette, served with aioli. Crispy golden outside and creamy with the faint taste of smoked Spanish ham on the inside.

Morcilla negra con cebolla, balsámico y manzana
FF ordered black sausage sautéed in red wine sauce. Not really my favourite but he enjoyed it immensely .

Gambas al ajillo
Juicy,  succulent shrimp in lemony garlic sauce. The grease was so tasty, we ''mopped'' it all up with our bread.
Queso cabra horneado con miel
My favourite dish of the night. Baked goat cheese with honey, served with salad. The slightly salty but creamy cheese and the sweet honey is just a match made in heaven.

Espaldilla de cordero estofada
Braised lamb shoulder, hearty and very filling. I could eat this with rice.

Relleno de mozarella y jamón Ibérico
Mini cordon bleu stuffed with mozzarella cheese and Spanish ham. Tasted as dry as it looks. 

A generous heaping of sardine. 
Mozzarella de búfala con guindillas asadas y pesto de rúcola
Mozzarella cheese in pesto vinaigrette.  Wonderful this summer.

Crema Catalana

Monte Christo make really good Creme Catalana. It was creamy, vanilley, not overly sweet nor eggy. I loved this dessert!

Tarta de Santiago

With tummies full and mood lighter than 2% Greet Yogurt, we went home but promised ourselves  to come back.

Di. bis Sa. 18.00 – 01.00 Uhr
So. & Mo. Ruhetag
Monte Christo – Bar de Tapas
Eichstraße 3 + 5
76530 Baden-Baden
Kontakt+49 7221 / 393434

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