Monday, October 17, 2016

Kitchen Makeover Project: The Update

New Kitchen, New Rules!

Not having my own kitchen for 8 weeks was pretty hard. Cooking always de-stresses me, cleaning up, not so much. So after weeks and weeks of packing, boxing, transporting and cleaning up after hand workers, I am starting to miss my old but cozy kitchen and all the comforts it gave me.

However, instead of wallowing in  regret for starting something that requires weeks of patience , being fed by in-law and microwave meals , FF and I kept ourselves busy.

Minutes turn into hours. Days turn into weeks. Weeks turn into month and before we know it, our new kitchen finally arrived! However, it was a long row to hoe before we were able to pop some bubbling .

First Week was hectic. The content of my kitchen were sorted out  between '' To keep '' and '' To throw away'' boxes. Recipe books, kitchen utensils , gadgets, cutleries and all things I did not even know I own and bought were laid out in the open. It was a painful battle. I did not know that tossing plastic kitchen tools can actually cause angina . Still  sniffing (-_-,)

Week 2 My old kitchen finally left the  house! The old tiles taken out with it.

Week 3: Old wall papers were removed. It was a  tedious work.

 Week 4: Electricians came. Holes are bored into the walls,  electrical wirings and new sockets relocated .

Week 5: Another carpenter came to do the plastering works. Our walls finally looked even and smooth. Ready for new wall papers and fresh  paint.

 Week 6: FF and I scrubbed the wooden ceiling so clean it was shining! Worth the achy arms and stiff neck. Soon after that , the ceiling was painted  white.

New wall papers  are installed . 

Then, painted...twice. One side of the wall was painted grey while the rest, in classic white.

 This old, big and heavy- as- an-ox electric oven was carried out of the house, thankfully,  without busting any artery.

This ultra thin, space efficient infrared heater took its place. On the wall, right above the window.

Week 7: We've been floored! Dark and edgy, it wonderfully compliments the bright coloured wall.

Week 8: Our new kitchen was finally delivered and installed. Like pieces of puzzle, it is starting to come together after 4 days of work.

BEFORE                               and                                  AFTER

 My kitchen finally looks like it belonged to the 21st century. Kitchen cabinets have a highly gloss look and satin- grey tinged , giving the anthracite kitchen countertop, a nice contrast .

The cooking corner became bigger too. The induction cooking stove from Bora  heats up pans and pots in a breeze and it extracts cooking vapour efficiently too . Now, I can cook up my pungent shrimp paste or tons of garlic without actually  smelling like one.  After cooking up a storm, I can  still walk into a room full of people without getting a nasty look from someone like I drowned somebody's  cat . 

And lastly,  a small corner facing the window for FF and me to sit down, spy on our neighbour while enjoying our meals. Life is good....most of the time.

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