Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tapa Treats and the reason why I am glad I am not the Queen...

I love going to the movies but somehow, I was never able to visit any movie theaters this year! All work and no play made little Jane weary. And so last weekend, I convinced FF to go on a dinner and movie date. His treat! (^_^)

We watched The King's Speech. A movie  based on the  story of the introvert King George VI and his nerve shattering battle against public speaking. Colin Firth portrayed the part of the stuttering monarch with an absolute magnificence . I  was holding my breath at the scene where he must address the nation in prepation for the impending war against the Nazis . I could almost feel the physical frustration of a  King who must stand for what is unyielding,confident and firm while withholding his own   personal turmoil and fear. The burden of being the voice that could break or boost the nation's morals at the time of battle.

 There was an unmistakable superb chemistry between Mr. Firth and Geoffrey Rush who played the eccentric and unconventional  speech therapist and a commoner, Lionel Logue. The script was  packed with witty retorts and enough crackling quips   that  keep the movie constantly afloat. There's a well balance drama and  dry british humor that made the viewers interested and thrilled from the beginning to the end. The movie is all in all inspiring, funny, absorbing, enjoyable  and made me realize that despite of the facade of power and weath, the royals are just like everybody elses. They too have their own with demons to battle. Helena Bonhan Carter, who played the younger Queen Mother played her part rather she almost always does in the movies. Like a whip cream on the torte and a cheery on top of an ice cream she did grace the film with her presence. I highly recommend it!

After the very engrossing movie, FF and I decided to walk around since it was rather early for  dinner. The weather was pleasant and the sun was shinning. Perfect for a liesure walk.

Botanical Garden we passed by.

Germans love soaking up Vit. D when occasions allow.

Where ever there's water, then my camera must be pointed in that direction.

FF on the other hand loves trees and anything that grows.The bigger the better...Kapre?

The tulips are blooming!

We went to the city castle's grounds. Walked by the lake and sat on the bench facing the waters. The place was tranquil and I was even able to take a short nap. It was getting dark when FF woke me up, it was time for dinner. He asked me if I am in for some tapas, the last one I had was in Barcelona,Spain 3 years ago so I readily agreed.


We went to Besitos Spanish Restaurant for dinner then. Despite of the pouring crowd,which is a good sign for any restaurant if you asked me, service was fast and efficient. After 20 minutes, our orders  came. Tapas reminded me somehow of the chinese Dim Sum. They are small in potions and quantity . Good for sharing and an excellent way of trying several things without getthing overly sated too soon. But sated you will be.

Left: FF's Radeberger Pils Beer and right: my Virgin Caipe- mocktail made from ginger ale, lime, brown sugar and crushed ice.

Chipirones ( Deep fried calamares with cocktail sauce)

 De jamon y queso ( Ham and cheese croquette with horseradish and onion dip)

 Tomates del Sol ( pickled sundried tomatoes)

Pescaditos ( deep fried fish fillet with mayonnaise dip)

Salchichon ( air dried spanish Salami)

Albondigas ( meatball in tomato sauce)

De Queso ( cheeseballs with spicy tomato sauce in olive oil dip)

Gambas al ajillo (Shirmp sauteed in garlic sauce)

 Tapas were served with a basket of baguette.

 Dessert was Creme Catalana.

It was a rather nice way to end our day and it made me wish everyday is a holiday. 

If you want to check the restaurant out,please visit their website at

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