Friday, April 8, 2011

Sights and Eats: Singapore Day 3

Our first and second day in Singapore were pretty interesting.  Since the Hippo hop on, hop off tour bus was quite convenient, we figured out we could use another  enjoyable ride around the city, stopping at sights that catches our fancy.

FF infront of the the Statue of Sir Tomas Stamford Bingley Raffles , the  founder and often called the Father of Singapore.

You haven't really been to Singapore if you haven't seen the Merlion. It's a must! A mythical half fish half lion creature that serves as  Singapore's mascot.The lion head represents SG original name: Singapura meaning the Lion City while the fish tail pays homage to the city's ,long lost fishing village origin. There are 5 Merlion statues all over Singapore, the most visited is this 8,6 meter high original statue at the Merlion Park. The biggest is a stunning 37 meter replica at the Sentosa Island. There's no water gushing at the mouth of the later, they probably need a lot of water for that. (^^)

The city is  modern and contemporary  without compromising its natural surroundings. There is evident greeneries around that  harmoniously blends in with  the sprouting sky scrapers. Even the rivers and the sea that surrounds the island are relatively clear and clean. No a piece of plastic or garbage could be seen floating around,  uncommon for a growing metropolis. Clean clean Singapore! Do you know, chewing gums is prohibited in Singapore?

Just across the Merlion Park is the Fullerton, which used to be general post office buildling  before it was transformed into a classy and luxurious ( naturally expensive too) 5 star hotel.

The we went to the famous Orchard Road next, it's like the Parklane shopper's boulevard of Hong Kong, the Fifth Avenue of New York and is as famous as the Harrods of London.   This busy shopping street is filled  with real shoppers and window shoppers alike. Household brands  like  H&M, Mango, Esprit and  Zara are huddled around as well as expensive fashion labels from Chanel to Hermes. Unlike in Hong Kong, there are no replicas sold openly on the street, so no Vuitton for 20 bucks in Singapore! The city  has also enough  local fashion brands that produces top quality products.

So did the Babbling Spoon went shopping in Orchard Road? Just like this girl, I simply strike a pose ( copied hers!) and tottled away.
 We spend the entire morning walking around, getting inside a few shopping malls and bough some  souveniers we could give to family and friends back home. Singapore has a great number of malls, most separated only by streets!

It was before 12 noon when we reached this restaurant, The Cherry Garden and had a sumptuous lunch. Tasted one of the best dim sum in my life . I still dream of it even today.

After lunch, we simply went around the city block and try to discover things that might be interesting . To our surprise, the world's largest man made fountain happens to be few minutes walk away from our hotel. The fountain of Wealth, located at the Suntec City. A symbol of life and fortune. The circular form of the well or the ring believed to symbolise the universe as well as unity and equality amoung the different races in Singapore. We spent a relaxing afternoon sitting at the marble banks around the fountain while observing by passers.

 During certain times  of the day, the fountain is turned off allowing visitors to reach the inner and smaller circle located at the base of the structure. It is believed that by walking around this circle three times while touching  its water, brings good luck and fortune. At night between 8 and 9 , the fountain holds a beautiful laser performances and colorful light symphonies. With it is an accompanying music to boot. Around this fountains are numerous restaurants that caters every taste and tongues.

Later that evening FF and I took a taxi to  Mount Faber, an iconic summit point ( about 110 meter high above sea level) that provides an excellent view of the Harbour and a part of Sentosa Island. There is a trail leading to this tourist destination that bypasses  a lush park garden. Another way of reaching this point is through a Cable Car. Pearch atop this mountain, amidst the lush greenery is The Jewel Box. An establishment consist of five restaurants named after different gems. The Black Opal, Emerald lodge, Empress Jade, Moonstone and Sapphire. With clear glass as wall, each restaurant provides an  astonishing view of the city as well as unique dining experience and no I don't get paid to say that.

The Jewel Box  is also known to have a stunning and  artfully decorated restroom, believed to be one of the most beautiful in  Singapore. I guess even Tarzan and Jane would never sa no to this loo!

Among the 5 restaurants, FF and I  opted for the Western-Continental influenced Sapphire. Based on the second floor, the restraurant has magnificient  Hibu wooden arcs that both enwrapped and adorned the whole structure. Setting was sleek and elegant, a good place to impress somebody on a first date. This could be our 512th date already but I was still impress. (^_^)

The service crew was kind enough to give us an excellent seat near the glass-wall/window facing the setting sun. With delicious food on the table and wonderful view infront of us, this is certainly a nice way to end our third day in Singapore. It almost made me forget how sick I was on the cable car ride back to the city....well almost.

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