Monday, February 14, 2011

I Died and Went to Dim Sum Heaven!

I love Dim Sum! Who doesn't? These bite sized goodies offer appreciating gustatorians almost  everything they could ever asked for. They are served steamed, pan or deep fried, chilled  and are simply hard to resist. And resisting is not my forte. It caters everybody's tastebuds. Some are spicy, some salty, some sweet but most are simply savoury. Together with my dim sum loving partner FF, we traveled to some parts of Asia ( could not think of a better place to be) to experience some serious Dim Sum indulgence.

Here are few highlights of our escapade that I wanted to share. Ms. E and FF's verdict may differ but one thing we decided in common. Damn we're doing it again. So here we go, close your mouth and don't drool on your screen.

Tasted way better that its distorted look. Crispy Wasabi Aioli Prawn topped with fresh Mango. This was FF's favorite among the 5 pages Dim Sum menu option the restaurant offered.

I went for seconds with these babies. If there's anything I like more than barbecued meat than it's a really really good barbecued meat on bread. In this case, it's Kurobuta Char Siew on soft as pillow steamed dough. The Bao was so fluffy I could almost sleep on it.

 Sorry about the lousy shot. Crispy fried shredded Squid with Salt and Pepper. The crackling sound with every bite makes me wonder if they're having their own crispy party in my palate. Don't you just love deep fried food?

Steamed Dumpling with Crabmeat. I was a bit apprehensive as it reaches our table. It somehow looks, I don't know, naked?! It reminds me of siomai without its wrapping. One bite and I know I lost.

This was Ms. E's absolute favorite. Netted Crispy Rice Turnover stuffed with Prawn, Mango , Apple and Wasabi Mayonnaise. Wow! That was quite a mouthful. The  turnover was so brittle almost delicate, I'm almost afraid to touch it. Once it reaches my mouth, The netted rice wrapping melts almost magically and the sweet flavours of mango and apple burst harmoniously with the freshness of the prawn. More! Moooooore!

Much as I like spinach, this Steamed Spinach Prawn Dumpling with Enoki Mushroom needs getting used to. I don't know if its the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle/Incredible Hulk like coloring that makes my head scream: Visual challenge! Anyway, following the old saying, '' Don't judge the book by its cover.'' , in this case its algae-like colored wrapping, I gave it a try and walaah! Like all their prawn based dumplings, this one is equally juicy with an almost crunchy bite to it. Bliss!

Since we fell in love with their Barbeque Kurobuta pork, we decided to meet the meat behind glorified Char Siew Bao but this time without its complimenting dough. It is indeed succulent ,very tasty, a bit smoky ( hellooooow it's barbecued!), and one can actually taste the honey glaze BUT I feel that something is somehow amiss. It's like eating a hamburger without the bun! So in my humble opinion the Kurobuta Char Siew on soft as pillow Bao tasted better. What can I say, this girl loves her carbs.

Looking like little jewels, this Truffled Essence Crystal Dumpling stuffed with assorted fresh mushrooms is a sight to behold. Only the sloppy picture turned it into slug looking creatures. My bad my bad! I love mushrooms and drizzling it with truffel before enclosing it with a delicate translucent jelly skin makes me rub my hands in anticipation. Well...almost. The transparent skin was actually tougher than I expected. I thought it would break easily into pieces once squeezed together by chopsticks. It did not. It retained its shape. It's like hmmm Sluggy? Taste wise, it was  good but not excellent or perhaps I just had so much shrimps? 

Lastly, among few desserts, FF and I both agreed that this Creamed Avocado with Walnut Ice Cream topped the list. Love the presentation using dry ice. With tendrils of smoke gently sipping off the  glass' rim, I was mesmerized. Looking probably like a grinning monkey with a rather big banana under her nose, FF actually tapped me  calmly on the shoulder and reminded me quietly to stop clapping. Yikes!

Our verdict: This is one of the best places to visit if you are searching for a good Dim Sum experience.

Cherry Garden
5th Floor Mandarin Oriental
5 Raffles Avenue, Marina Square

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