Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Firecracker Shrimp

Lets try to give this saga a rest before we develop some serious seafood allergies. Firecracker shrimp is a very simple  but  oh so so delicious finger food. Try counting every Shrimps before serving them because when these babies come out from the fryer, hands and salavating mouths appear out of nowhere.  So don't turn your back on these yummies since they tend to miraculously disapper. The cat took it! The cat took it! Alright enough babbling. Lets get back to business.

The Shrimp Chronicle part 3:
Firecracker Shrimps

I supposed it is called  firecracker shrimp because when  this big, fat and juicy Shrimp is  wrapped in a springroll skin with its tail exposed, it looked like one. It is a versatile recipe, one can use any spices or marinade. Here's how I did mine.

No that's not our neighbor's cat. I simply shell few big shrimps leaving the tails on. Let the tails alone! It has  an important function.  It gives you an excuse  to HOLD YOUR FOOD. You could never be fast enough when it comes to  eating these.  Forks and Knives will slow you down, believe me. Anyway, I used crushed garlic cloves, grated ginger root, few drops of sesame oil and light soy sauce and dash of salt and freshly grounded  pepper . Again, spices and seasoning could be altered. You can use onion or garlic powder, chili flakes, Chinese five spice powder, curry or cumin or  even Thai chili sauce as marinade. Anything you fancy. After seasoning add about a tbsp. constarch  to make your marinade cling to the shrimps. Use your hand to toss everything, be gentle there. Your food must know how much you appreciate them . Let it soak in the marinade for about half an hour.



Make a small incisions on the inner side of the shrimp to straighten  it up and making it easier to roll.

After marinating, pat the shrimps dry. Hot oil plus other liquid is like second degree burn waiting to happen. Now cut a big sheet of springroll skin diagonally. Use it to  wrap each shrimp.. tightly . The last thing you want is oil seeping in and breaking this lovely parcel apart  . Then use an egg wash  to seal it. Let these pictures do the talking, shall we?

It doesn't look too difficult, no? Now, into the hot oil! About 2 or 3 minutes will do or until the springroll skin  turns into a beautiful golden brown color.

If this shrimp could move,  I bet it would jump right back into the boiling oil . Somehow it knew, the first to be up gets eaten! The poor thing didn't even reached the serving plate. Ok, these three didn't....Enjoy!

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