Thursday, June 16, 2011

Restaurant Engel, Bühlertal

 After deliberately eating lots of fruits and vegetables ( which would make my doctor proud) , going low... low... low... on rice ( which is like sapping the life out of me) and going back to nordic walking  for weeks and  still unable to shred another gram, I finally gave up. I'm never going to win the never ending battle againts weight gain . Hormones, age and chocolate won.

I bet life would be less complicated if weighing scales and  magazine with Miranda Kerr and co flashing their flat as a pancake abs were not invented.  Staying fit and fab after 30  is not as easy as they claimed. Yes, I am like  most women , I have weight issues.

So what to do after weeks of fruitless self inflicted agony? Go out and eat like a man!

The restaurant Engel in our sleepy town simply pops into my mind. It's a non fussy, laid back restaurant, strip of any flair but has a pleasing homey feel to it. Plus, they make protein rich foods rather well. Since I'm feeling all defeated and hollow, I raked my eyes over the menu and look for something that would fill me up and fill me up good . I found it.

A T-Bone steak big enough to feed a pack of hungry wolves and it's all mine! It's thick, heavy and  almost intimidating, a real manly portioned, I was almost bursting with testosterone by simply looking at it! The plate occupies almost half of the cozy table. I'm starting to feel better already! The meat was seared exactly as I requested: medium rare . Unlike the usual lean  steaks that I could get at many restaurants here, this one has enough fat in it ensuring a juicy goodness . The meat is subtly seasoned, with a nice smokey hint, buttery and very tender. It was a delight to eat   . Between blissful bites, I realized how thankful I am  that I am a carnivore.

The big slab of meat is devoid with the usual gravy but came with three sauces instead.  Since it was enormous, I guess one sauce would not be sufficient . You could have a pick among the mustard sauce, cocktail sauce and to my delight, garlic sauce as well. Since I felt like I've committed a sin ( Gluttony), I might as well make it a major one. I ordered extra fries on the side.

For once, FF's meat looks like a schoolboy compared to my  Godfather sized T-bone. Next to my plate his meal appeared almost dainty, somehow cowering. A lean 250 g rump steak served with caramelized onion and fries. He easily finished it without batting an eyelid . Constant practice certainly helps.

As for me, the battle of  man vs.meat lasted for about an hour. Our table was quiet, only the faint sound of tinkering cutlery as our  steak knives effortlessly cut the meat into bite size pieces, like hot knives on butter, giving a muffled clang as it touches our warm plates could be heard. Alas, I threw in the white towel. It looks like I'm going to loose this battle as well. The steak stretched my stomach to it fullest, filling its cavity with beefy and tasty goodness that another mouthful from this succulent meat will have my eyes rolling and me in seizures . FF who had long finished his meal, was eyeing my leftover with a raised eyebrowse. A hint of defeated smile and he obligingly finished it off for me. We might occasionally splurge our hard earned money on food  but we definitely hate the idea of throwing away leftovers. For once, I did not longed for dessert. I felt full, flabby and fabulously happy. A feeling a plateful of lettuce leaves could never give.  I bet Miranda and co. haven't had such a filling meal for a long long time. (^_^)                                                                                              

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