Saturday, April 11, 2015

Bewitching Bali Day 5

The hypnotic sound of the  water hitting the rocks  could be heard all the way from this cliff.  The mighty Indian Ocean rises few meters off the ground as it collides, raging onto the immovable walls of Uluwatu, leaving a  bubbly white trail as it rolls back into the deep . Ahhh nature's glorious landscape and wonder. This is FF's favourite site in Bali. Many will understand why.

The cool breeze dampens the seeping heat from the sun, providing a much appreciated relief.

We are halfway through our Bali trip and today, we meet up close and personal,  some according to  Charles Darwin humans' possible forefathers....... The monkeys.

Oh hello Lolo!

I don't really believe in this evolution theory, but there's something distinctly familiar about how these chimps rule in Uluwatu. They are cunning, quick to snatch things that don't belong to them and cooperate only when bribed . If only it could shed a tear , play sick and  sit on a wheelchair when cornered ,  then these macaques  might carry some ( Filipino) politician's family names on the registry. I don't have enough time to prove that theory since were onto our next destination.

Dreamland Beach!

Ohhhhh look how tall those waves are! FF barely containing his glee.

 What happens next...  Hello wet underwear!
Caption this....
 A visibly half soaked FF , walking the walk..

challenging the waves... again! Men!

After realising he can't outplay Poseidon, we sat and sip some cold drinks sold at  some restaurants along the beach.

 Due to the strong and unpredictable current, some beaches in Uluwatu are not suitable for swimming.
But it also make them, a surfers paradise.

 Before travelling to Ubud, we decided to take a quick peek inside the bustling  Kuta.

The long stretch of bay and the streets behind  was as lively and jam packed as I imagined it .

After  scoring ourselves some souvenir shirts,  we devoured a gigantic ice cream topped brownie at Hard Rock Cafe and hurriedly left  Kuta without it sparing a second glance.

The serenity of Komaneka at Tanggayuda was welcoming sight. Now this, is the place to.

 To commemorate our first day in this special place, FF and I  had a special, private dinner  at resort's restaurant.

With frangipani flower tucked behind our ears, we feasted on delicious foods, plenty enough to to feed a family.

  Springrolls were the first to be served.

Then a Megibung serving of chicken, satay and vegetable. We barely finish this one. Delicious as it is, the portions is just overwhelming. That's one whole chicken and relatively good sized at that!

And a plateful of tropical fruits and a bowl of sweet pudding with coconut milk.
We went to coma after that....

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