Monday, April 20, 2015

Bewitching Bali Day 6

Hello,  Ubud!  
Aaaahhhh no fog, no mist, no rain but  pure undulated rays of sunshine greeted our morning .
How fast time flies when one is on holiday . Just like any good movie , I know that this too, will eventually end. But before it does, I'm going to sit back , savour and enjoy every minute of it.

And that's exactly how we spent our 6th day in Bali. 

To start off, we ate while enjoying this gorgeous view.

Sat and laze around and aid our metabolism by doing...nothing.

FF felt guilty after hours of inactivity so he took a plunge into our private pool. I on the other hand, exercise my imagination by burying my nose in a book..

Muscles eventually got to be stretched and flexed.  So we asked somebody to do it for us. For 2 glorious hours,  we were wondrously knead like a pliable lump of unresponsive dough. I died  and went to heaven...

After a post pampering nap , we were resurrected and went back to our room and ordered lunch to be delivered. Our 'lazyness' is  surprisingly strange but Komaneka is guilty of pampering us like royalties.  You will get accustomed to it eventually.

After the late lunch,  we walk around the resort. I don't intend to wind up with pulmonary embolism before this holiday is over.

 Gun's  friendly and wide grin und korean-ish peace sign greeted us at the pavilion later that afternoon. Right in front of him and his colleague were arrays of sweets and snacks for the taking. I enthusiastically  said hello to them.....and the sweets.

Today is  a special day. It's our 8th wedding anniversary and we got the resort pool all to ourselves for this special and very private dinner. Gun,  was once again, our personal miatre . We couldn't be more happier.

Like a telenovela scene..

We went back to our room rapturously sated and happy only to find our  entire room  all turned down.

With our nightgowns and storytelling book  laid on the four poster bed.

It oddly reminds me of my childhood, being tucked in bed by my mother.  Komaneka however,  is all love and never nag....

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