Friday, June 12, 2015

Bewitching Bali Day 9

Our days in Bali is drawing to a close. Two more nights and  we will be travelling back to Germany. Also,  with a heavy heart, we bid adieu to Komaneka and the wonderful people we met here as we move to our next accommodation. A heavy breakfast was needed to  fill our heavy hearts. Our luggages were hustled off to Komaneka's shuttle van soon after that ,  were sent to our next hotel in Ubud and  free of charge! Yup, Komaneka takes an extra mile to please her family. With parting gifts, tightly held within our hands, we rode another van to avail   a complimentary entrance to Neka Museum, courtesy of Komaneka.

 Paintings, carvings and many other impressive arts are on display.

The ground itself is immaculately well maintained and is also artfully decorated.

Just  across the Museum is famous Naughty Nuri Warung and Grill. Another dining  recommendation of Yasa  and praised  by celebrity TV  host cum chef, Anthony Bourdain.

The place has an unpretentious  and casual atmosphere ,  is devoid of any posh decorations  and doesn't have any impressive landscape . The whole interior is full of character with  a hint of wear and tear all over. The benches have a faded, weather beaten look in it. A proof that many have sat and warmed their bottoms on these wooden chairs. A good sign. 

Instead of an impressive facade, an open air grilling station   greets guest and entice the by-passers. The wonderful smell coming from in couldn't  be more inviting.

We came here for this. The ribs.
The foods is a reflection of the entire warung. It was laid almost bare expect for a small slice of lime . No  beautiful plating, no creative garnishing, just a big slab of meat but a beauty on its own. This barbecued ribs made Naughty Nuri famous. One lick is all it took and I totally understand why. I forgot that I just ate breakfast! Even FF, who shy away from anything excessive gnawed the bone like a starving hund.

Naughty Nuri Warung and Grill

Jl. Raya SangginganUbud, Bali 80571Indonesia

If we were not enamoured with Komaneka, I would have easily fell in love with  Ibah Warwick Resort Hotel . Months before coming to Bali, it was a serious discussion about which between the two hotels  would suit us best. To make sure we won't miss anything, we decided to stay on both.

Our luggages were waiting at the lobby as we stepped into the resort. A glass of cold water and wet towel was handed to us. We were ushered to the restaurant to enjoy another welcome drink as they drew some boring paper works.

We were led into our Treetop suite room soon After that.  I realised, Ibah is as beautiful as I saw on the pictures.

There's a communal , open office  between two rooms. It comes with a desk , a round table and chairs . It is useful especially if guest is a smoker so he/she won't be smoking inside a room.

Room is comparably smaller than Komaneka but is never the less beautifully  appointed.  The bedroom cozy with high, comfortable four poster  bed.

Modern marbled bathroom with tub.

FF's favourite spot. The terrace with a big and comfortable bench for napping. The trees behind  block the harsh rays of the sun. It took him minutes to succumbed to slumber.

Ibah Warwick UBud  has a rather swanky looking pool.

It has an old Bali look to it.

The abundant greenery and the sound of unseen creatures behind it fill the air .

The lobby is open air with ponds and interesting sculptures that are not overwhelming in size or number.   The interior is artistic and pleasant to the eyes. 

Ubud centre is bursting with activities. Tourist glistering with sunscreens and hoisting heavy cameras are seen around and about as they check one interesting site to another. I took a deep breath and plunge into the chaos.
 Ubud centre

We tried to get to Ibu Oka and have some Babi Guli. That's Balinee roasted pig , by the way.  It seems that the rest of Ubud has the same idea. They run out of Babi Guli when we arrived.  So settled for some Indian foods, instead.
 Second lunch. Buttered chicken, garlic Naan bread, Papadoms and condiments. Did not expect it, but i was pretty good!

There's enough things to see and in Ubud to kill the time.

An old bridge in Ubud

Don Antonio Blanco Museum
It boasts well manicured lawn, a small aviary with exotic birds , collection of paintings and a restaurant that offers some entertainments during dinner.

 We came back later that night for dinner and a show. Ibah Warwick has shuttle van that brings their hotel guest anywhere in Ubud centre! Pretty neat!
With only 3 tables occupied, the  restaurant was pretty empty when we arrived. Not a good sign considering the vast number of tourist on the street.  And it remained half empty until we left. I almost feel sorry for the performers, they give their best.
Foods was ok but did not really blow me away.

The performers obviously made an effort to  please the small crowd. My appreciative clapping was the loudest that night.

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