Thursday, August 27, 2015

Easy Eggless Tiramisu

I enjoyed this particular dessert more than I expected. Ironic considering that I don't like coffee  or any alcoholic drinks and both are essential ingredients in this Italian sweet. The heat is also scorching in these past few weeks and although raw eggs add more taste and texture  in the whole recipe, omitting it was an easy decision . The dessert turned out all right, tasted quiet good actually  and without putting someone's digestive tract at risk.

Many Tiramisu recipes call for Masala ,  Baileys or  Amaretto . I am serving this dessert on my birthday and there are few kids around.  They might even enjoy coffee tinged desserts but serving them anything with alcohol is simply out of the question. I used amaretto syrup in this recipe, the non alcoholic one, making it as child friendly as it could be. 


300 g mascarpone cheese
500 ml cream
5 tbsp. Amaretto syrup
6 tbsp. sugar
400 g lady finger biscuits
300 ml brewed coffee
100 g dark chocolate, shaved
70 g cocoa powder  

 1. Whisk mascarpone cheese until light and fluffy. Beat in Amaretto, Masala or Baileys if using. You can use vanilla extract as substitute .Whip together cream and sugar until soft peak is formed. Fold mascarpone and cream together until well combined.
 2. Put a spoonful of mixture on the serving dish. Spread evenly. This will make actually ''glue'' your biscuits to the serving dish.
 3. Dip lady finger in the coffee. Don't let it soak. A second or two is all you need. Since I don't drink coffee ,  I bought ready made brewed coffee from the groceries. Tseheee!
 4. Arrange coffee dipped ladyfingers onto your serving dish. Sprinkle 50 g of shaved chocolate and 1 tbsp. of cocoa over the lady fingers.
5. Spread 1/2 of mascarpone and cream mixture over it.
6. Prepare another layer of coffee dipped ladyfingers , cocoa and  shaved chocolate.

7. Spread the rest of the mascarpone and cream mixture. Dust with cocoa powder. Cover with cling foil and refrigerate for at least 6 hours or preferably overnight. Let the flavours flirt  and  fornicate before digging in.

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