Saturday, March 18, 2017

Exploring Adelaide Part 1

I am slowly recovering from Jet lag and finally wrapped my head around the fact that it's actually Autumn in Australia, while Spring is in full bloom in Germany. I am literally on the opposite side of the world!

Today ,my aunt showed us her city.  So what to do when visitors from Germany come to Adelaide? Bring them to a German  village, of course! Hahndorf comes from the German words Hahn 
(rooster/cock) and Dorf (Village) and is one of the oldest German settlements in Australia.

It's a major tourist spot and is a well visited place in Adelaide Hills. The tree lined main street is packed with restaurants, wineries, shops, cafes and souvenir stores. Volkslieder echoes in the air , while some dirndl- clad ladies carries plates of German foods and mass of bier to diners.  It like being in a small German town, only people greets you with 'Howdy, mate!' instead of ''Guten Tag!''.

They got churches.

And some  half- timber houses turned restaurants/shops.

We spent almost  two hours checking quaint shops  while FF and Joe made some small talks with the locals about wines. At lunch time, we search for food and end up in Hahndorf Inn.

My aunt throughly enjoyed her crackling   Schweinehaxe/ pork knuckle  served with Kartoffelknödel or Potato dumpling. Buried underneath is a generous heaping of Sauerkraut. It's like German's Sunday Roast spread .

The guys each had a plateful of Schnitzel and potato salad, served with some crunchy vegetables on the side. Naturally,  tall glasses of German beer were ordered to chase it all down.

I did not cross the ocean and risk pressure ulcers from sitting for 30 hours in a  economy seat just to eat something I could get back home. I choose pan fried Barramundi served on crispy potatoes instead. We also shared a basket of Brezel which looked and tasted quite legit!

After scoops of ice cream for dessert from an ice cream parlour , we had a scenic drive to the hills of Adelaide and went to Mount Lofty Summit. 

We had the bird's eye view of the city from up there. 

I have been asking my aunt to bring me somewhere when I could see Koala Bears and kangaroos since we step in Australia.  So Cleland Wildpark was our last pitch stop that day.

There we finally got the chance to get up close and personal with the locals. I though Koalas are small but I got to pet one and it's like holding a  6 month old baby. Only quieter but hairier , got sharp claw and has monotonic appetite for eucalyptus leaves. 

We also feed some kangaroos , which come in different colors and sizes, some almost as tall as I am! Oh Australia, I love you more and more each day. 😍😍

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