Friday, March 17, 2017

On the Road, Scenic and Coastal Ride from Adelaide

When I thought that traveling to Asia from Europe is tiring, our  journey from Germany to Australia put the world Jet Lag and exhaustion to a completely different level . FF and I were bone-weary , sleepless, disoriented the moment we landed in Sydney .

It took us 12 hours to travel from Frankfurt to Bangkok, Thailand, my choice of transit. We spent 7 hours there . To ease some discomforts from our complaining joints and muscles , we went to a  spa for a soothing body massage, a warm Jacuzzi bath and to catch few hours of sleep. Then we flew yet again for another 11 hours to Sydney, went  through immigration , transfer to the domestic airport and wait for  4 more hours for our flight  to Adelaide, my aunt's place , in the south of Australia. It took literally  3 days for us to reach her doorstep! I was a wreck and did not remember much of our first day down under, only that it drizzled. We did not do much the next day either except flip our rotting carcasses in bed .

When FF and I felt remotely human again, we went on a road trip! I honestly did not know the places we visited. My aunt and her companion Joe,  drove us around and show us some spectacular areas.

Road trips like this made me fully aware how vast Australia is. In between pit stops and towns , there are just wide spaces and expansive uninhabited areas.  Except the patches of dry grass and bushes that stubbornly grow here and there, the dry soil made everything looked so empty , almost barren! But when I thought, we are in the middle of nowhere, a breathtaking view welcomes us on the next turn.

Just like this area, where the river meets the sea. Just beautiful .

 Numerous jetties along the coast where you can watch and feel the waves .

Or endless expanse of fine sanded beaches. Australia has surprisingly nice beaches and everything is just so clean.

We have been on the road til noon and were pretty famish . Joe made a stop in one of the diners he visited when he's on a road . Menu is short, foods are simple yet so good. The guys enjoyed fish and  chips and we ladies, opt for mix seafoods platter. The batter thin and crispy, the fish and sea creatures succulent and so fresh.

Joe brought us to one of his brother's holiday house after that. It's perch on a  hill, overlooking the ocean. The area is so massive, just like the rest of Australia.  It's so quiet and tranquil in here, a perfect place to unwind , but it could get really dry in summer so water supply could be an issue esp. if rain is scarce, I was told.

We then made our way to Deep Creek Conservation Park, access only by  4WD.
We navigate our way though the steep and narrow road leading to the Blowhole Beach. The rugged and untamed terrain offers a steeping  coastal view.

We spent the rest of the afternoon there, sitting on the grass, feeling the sun shine into our faces, breath the salty blow of the ocean air  .

Watch wild kangaroos grazing and lazing around.

Then walk to the narrow steps down to the beach.

Climb rocks, 

and simply had a wonderful, wonderful time. A day to remember.

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