Monday, May 1, 2017

Street Foods: Seoul

''Let's grab a little something from the street as appetiser before going to dinner.''  . I told FF after waking up from a 3 hour '' nap''. It's our first day in Seoul and although my heart is all wired up, excited and almost skipping for some action , the rest of my anatomy refused to bulge and was not up to the challenge. Long haul flight is starting to take its toll on our far- from- fit bodies. So after arriving in our hotel in Myeongdong at noon,   we score the neighbourhood for some noms and end up having some fried chicken;

Spicy , sticky and drenched in sauce for him.

Dry and garlicky for me. 

Apparently, Koreans drink beer when they're having fried chicken, so  FF did not need further excuse to gulp down some alcohol at midday . Like the old saying, When in Rome,  do as the Romas do or in this case, Koreans.  Lunch was Not bad but not as good as the very  first Korean Fried chicken we tried in Korean Town in Sydney.  Korean Fried Chicken is one of the many reasons why we decided to come to this country, after all. 

We shared a big bowl of Bingsu  topped with kinako powder from a famous Koread Dessert chain. You know, to err cleanse our palate. 😜 

We went back to our hotel, took a refreshing shower then have some much needed rest. The sun was almost down when we woke up, decided to have authentic Korean Barbecue since we're in Korea. But first ,we decided to try a thing or two  from the street food vendor.

The streets of Myeongdong is starting to fill up, food stalls are now blowing up steams , emitting delicious smells from all things fried and beautiful. 

Noodles are being tossed.

Crepes being folded.

Meat being seared.

Seafoods are steaming.

There's a palpable energy in the air, with vendors were  inviting, yelling and  foods were briskly and expertly prepared right before my eyes, it's almost overwhelming. 

I can't help but stop, look and listen.

''Oh look, Gyeran-Bbang( Egg Bread) !''I point excitedly at my husband, ''I read tons about it on the internet . Let's try some!''. It was surprisingly savoury and sweet, like cornbread only it's topped with egg and seeds. I loved it,  FF not so much. So he looked for something to please his palate.

 Peeking between pillars of of twisted potatoes  were cups  of golden brown  Shrimp Tempura. We love shrimp tempuras so we ask for a serving. 

 It was reheated in boiling oil and was served piping hot.  Too much breading that we could barely taste any shrimp.

 The smell wafting from this stall is just unbelievable. We were draw like moth to flame. One sniff is all it took.

A skewer of Honey Butter Garlic Shrimp cost a whooping 15 000 KW but it was a taste bomb. The shrimps were fresh and juicy , it was garlicky, buttery with a hint of honey. I'm loving this combo. My husband too!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

''Oh Strawberry Mochi! How cute. Let's get one!", I exclaimed. ''That not an appetiser , that's dessert!'' he said.

We got one

FF keep on scouring the street for more savouries,and he stumbles on a guy busy grilling and torching lobsters. "That's not an appetiser, that's a main dish!", I told him. 

We got one, cost us 16 000 Won , it was filled with cheese , corn and sweetish teriyaki like sauce. It was delicious!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

"Ah Fish-shape bread filled with red beans!" ( Bungeoppang),  I point excitedly. 

''But that's a...forget it'', he surrenders. 

And so we spent the evening filling ourselves silly with whatever catches our face our fancy. We totally forgot the Korean Barbecue we were so excited about.

We nibbled on crispy crablets, which were sadly dry it actually scratches my throat. These sea creatures still fight back even when it's dead and fried.

Scorch our tongue eating Hotteok, deep fried Korean Pancakes filled with nuts and cinnamon syrup.

Snatch some Odeng, skewered fish cake swimming in savoury broth. The broth is served in a paper cup for free ! It became one of my favorite Korean street food and try having it everyday, fortunately , they're everywhere.

FF also got himself some food- in- a -stick.

 He enjoyed Spicy Chicken Skewer ( Dakkochi)

While I nimble on grilled Rice Cake and Cheese, drizzled with sweetened Condense Milk. Not a big fan but many seems to enjoy it.

 With grease on our mouth, sauces on our fingers, we decided to call it a night. I can almost feel my arteries clogging from all the fried foods we ate . On our way back to the hotel, we pass by a stall manned by a young guy , surrounded by curious onlooker. Like a Kpop idol flocked by adoring fans,  I can't help it so I decided to join the fun.

Instead of an autograph , I got his signature dessert . Ice cream on a fish- shaped cone and topped with honeycomb.

Nothing send me to sleep faster than having 4 desserts in one night. Thank you, Seoul!

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