Friday, March 6, 2015

Bewitching Bali Day 1: Alila Uluwatu

You know those special places that give wonderful memories,  you are just flabbergasted at the thought of ruining it when you don't  choose your words well? Wow! that was a mouthful, isn't it? That's how I feel writing about Bali. I feel like I just don't have the right words to describe it. My fascination and affection for the place is just so enormous , there's no way my limited vocabulary is up to it.

I love Bali. I fell in love with the place, the rich culture and heritage , the  amazing architectures,  religion and beliefs and  most of all  the people. Ironic , since I have very little expectation of this place. Before coming over, Bali for me is just one big tourist trap. Just your typical example of what tropical paradise is , before over excessive  tourism  finally sucked up and ravage its natural beauty. Well, although the island has  indeed changed through the years, it thankfully  retained its deep rooted architectural influences and cultural heritage.

Bali is a feast to the senses. Sights. Are. Just. Breathtaking!

We arrived late in the afternoon, traffic like most major cities in Asia is bad,  but not as horrendous as Manila's over congested roads. After a smooth sailing check in at a newly built hotel in Seminyak, one of hundreds sprouting in the island , we went to Uluwatu to catch the sunset.  One of the best areas for sunset viewing in Bali, they say.  I was expecting a lot before I reach Alila resort, but I was not expecting this! FF and I were blown away..

We watched, open mouthed and quite enchanted, as the sun dramatically descends .

Painting the sky with all sorts of hues imaginable. Darkening azure, emerald, cool lavender, purple, flamey pink , swathe the entire vista in glorious colours, which is mirrored by the resort's infinity pool. Felt So lucky to have witnessed mother nature's display of beauty.

It came fast and took our breath away before engulfing the night in darkness. Soon,  the resort is bathe in amber glow , turning the whole atmosphere from dreamlike to romantic.

We lingered at the resort's Warung restaurant for dinner and savoured our very first Balinese meal. We enjoyed cocktails, fresh coconut juice and on the house  hors d'oeuvre of crackers, served with 12 different dips , from mild to spicy, on a Congkak/ Sungka wooden board! Who says you can't play while you eat?!

Not really knowing what to eat, we ordered a set menu that offers a bit of almost everything they offer. It came with the most delicious satay I've ever eaten up to date. I could eat this every day!

The satay is served with super delicious peanut sauce and usual condiments of   beans and salad. A creamy, lightly spicy soup came next.

Then the main dishes came, with animal kingdom represented on each bowl. Each flavoured and cooked differently but it  was the Bali Kepap or Pork in Soy Sauce the won FF and my votes.

Dessert was pancake with sweet shredded coconut filling and some banana leaf packed treat.

And a generous platter of tropical fruits. Good foods, friendly and warm attendants  and great view, Alila Resort Uluwatu is just a perfect place to start a tour in Bali. This is the place to be if you want to impress somebody..

Our 10-day trip to Bali last year was one of the best holidays I had so far and I am looking forward to revisit this place again.

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