Sunday, March 29, 2015

Bewitching Bali Day 3

Yasa was once again waiting for FF and me at the hotel lobby right on time. Sated from breakfast and almost rubbing our hands in anticipation, we readily jump into his comfortable ride and off we go to explore another side of Bali we've never seen before.

From  Seminyak,  it was a long drive to Karangasem where Puri Agung Semarapura  or KlungKung Palace is located. A historical building complex , housing   the Hall of Justice or Kerta Gosa Pavillion where Kings of old , cast judgement over local disputes  or punish to the wrong doers. While on trial, convicts can view depicting murals  of what  awaits the sinners in the afterlife painted on the ceiling of the hall. Thieves, adulterer, liars, rapists, murderers will reap what they sow. What comes goes around, comes around. Most Balinese people are Hindus and are deeply religious at that. They strongly believe  in Karma.

The painted ceiling of Kerta Gosa

After flipping through the very graphic paintings that made me hope I haven't step a single toe out of the 10 commandments, the beautiful surroundings ,  well manicured  gardens,  paintings and carvings of mythical being made me  sigh in relief that  I still got to enjoy earthy Nirvanas.

We visited a nearby market, which is more colorful and interesting than most malls here in Germany. Bought a couple of sarongs and turban for FF to use while visiting our next destination.

On the way to the next destination, Yasa bought us some snack on a go. Some sugar filled  rice cakes with caramel coconut-y bits that kept us going through the afternoon.

The Besakih Temple or the Mother of all Temples in Bali.

The most important Hindu temple in Bali. Grand and  majestic, it certainly fits the bill.

There are many religious festivities all throughout the year, and many believers, some even travel all the way from Jakarta come to this place to pray and give offering to their gods.

The journey from Besakih Temple led us around Gunung Agung  . The highest point on Bali that dominates the area.

Today's trip is long and tiring and we even forget lunch. On the way to home we passed by a coffee farm and tried the infamous Kapi Luwak. Known to be the most expensive coffee in the world. Apparently, coffee beans that has been eaten and defecated, yes you read it right, defecated, by  a certain feline specie fetch as much as 6000 dollars a kilo in some countries! Somewhere between its snout and anus must lie the secret process of  making the perfect , few dollar$$$ a cup  Cat-Poo-chino.

A short stop at this waterfall on the way to Seminyak completed today' s tour. It started to rain again so we did not really manage to expore the place more that we want .

It was a tiring yet fulfilling day. After a heavy dinner and an hour of pampering at the neighboring spa, FF and I went back to our hotel room with a contented smile, many happy holidayers wear. His, was as a matter of fact, much wider. I' not sure if it's the tour, the delicious foods or the 20 finger massage we just had from the Indonesian ladies we thoroughly enjoyed . Yup, 20 fingers....

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