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Bewitching Bali day 10

After being spoilt rotten with what seems to be endless breakfast choices in Komaneka, breakfast at our new hotel was comparably modest . FF got croissants with jam and I got to enjoy some pancake with blackened bottom. Well, there are worst things than burnt and bitter pancakes in the morning.

We spent a lazy morning at the pool, which was noticeably empty. 

Few minutes before noon. A car, organised by Ibah Warwick Hotel came to pick us up and brought us to another worth checking property in Ubud. The Maya Resort and Spa .Security was really tight at this place, I noticed. 

Our day trip to Maya was my anniversary gift to FF. It came with  lunch and 90 minutes pampering from Maya's renowned and award winning Spa. After  confirming our appointment at the resort lobby we were told to proceed to the Spa reception, The walk was scenic. 
 The resort is massive with numerous private pool villas sprawled all over.

 It has this picturesque pool overlooking  Ayung river.

Lunch was delish and healthy.

 I'm not a health buff but also don't mind nibbling crunchy vegetable sticks once in a while. FF ordered Petano Jamu Tonic ( above, left) which contains tangerine, lime , honey, turmeric and cinnamon. It is said to  have anti-cancer properties, improves metabolism, clears livers and also claim to  provide the drinker a happy dispositions. Cheerio then!
After several visits to the urologist last year,  Kidney Kick Start ( above , right) with green apple , pineapple and watermelon, seems to be a sensible choice . It is said to be excellent for my kidneys and bladder as well as expelling excess salt in my system. There you go, zum Wohl!

 Our mains:
Left: FF's Gluten Free Ricotta and green peas gnocchi with wild mushroom ragu.
Right: My Hot Stone deep sea Tuna steak with lemon pepper.

Left: Black rice and coconut porridge with sweet orange glaze.
Right: Vegan chocolate mouse, which was toe curling good.

We took a walk around the property and enjoyed the view. Our Spa appointment was later that afternoon. Products used for  every Spa treatment were laid on the table at the reception. Ff and I also choose our massage oils .
Another cleansing tonic was served to us along with moist towels as we waited for our messauses .

Then we were led to one of the beautifully appointed massage rooms along the river. 
The therapy room is spacious and is as close to nature as one could get. I can hear the river below  while being expertly massaged . The ladies behind the wondrous enfleurage and petrisage certainly know what they are doing. The products used are of high quality and certainly do wonders to my sun-ravaged skin.The constant expert pressure, is just as heavenly  to my deeper tissues. 

On the negative part, yes, there's unfortunately a '' but'' in here. The lack of privacy disturbed me. After the marvellous pampering, we went to take a shower, which is basically within a peeking distance from the massage bed. It wouldn't have bother me if our masseuses leave and give us few minutes of privacy but they did not. With nothing  but tiny disposable ( free size)  undergarments to conceal our err glorious privates, we took a shower where I could see them fixing and cleaning the bed, and they could see us.   Not that they're looking , but it's nevertheless very discomforting. Could be a haven for flashers, though. 
Also , service is efficient but impersonal. They looked pretty serious the whole time. While we still in the room,  they are already preparing everything for the next guest. I feel rushed. 

We were led back to the reception with our therapist way ahead of us, just like the way in. No small talks, no friendly  chatter about the place and surrounding . So atypical of the people that we met in Bali. But then again, its late in the afternoon, maybe she's tired and and already saving her energy for the next anticipating guest in line.

The slow walk back to the reception perks my darkening  mood. I mean, look at this, the place is so beautiful it  simply repel any negative feeling !

The people behind the reception are noticeably friendlier and more accommodating. FF and I were served with healthy post-therapy nibbles  and drinks.

Ubud has long evolve from being a sleepy village.  There's rarely a trace of the placid and quite place it once was. Throw in Julia Robert's scenic bicycle ride along its green paddies in her movie Eat ,Pray & Love   and Ubud became a mere shadow of its quiet past. Restaurants, Spas, yoga barns and more filled the town centre and beyond, bringing thousands of tourists with  it. Each searching of a piece of quiet  relaxation, lurury within the cocoon of their private villas, a luxurious  pampering , good and delicious foods or simply channeling there inner Elizabeth Gilbert in search for spiritual enlightenment.

Looking for a special place to dine in Ubud is not a problem. On the contrary, options are more than abundant , choosing which, is the real challenge.

Among the growing number of swanky restaurants in Ubud, FF and I choose to dine at Bridges restaurant  for our last night in the Island.  The restaurant offers fantastic view with a wide balcony facing the river and an old bridge .

 Seared Foie Gras, sesame crusted Barramundi Fillet, roasted lemon-infused baby chicken with Mediterranean veggies are just few of the delicious foods we had that night. FF and I literally had a feast!

Bridges Bali
Address: Jalan Campuhan, Ubud, Bali 80581, Indonesia

With rose petals scattered on our table..

and a complimentary dessert that greeted us , our anniversary trip to Bali is one of the best holidays I ever had , up to date. I will be forever looking back to this island and the wonderful memories that came along with it.

So long Bali, and see you again!

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