Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hotel Restaurant Rebstock, Bühlertal

Just when I thought I'm starting to shred some unwanted pounds ( 245 grams at least but I had my hair cut anyway so I'm not sure), came Easter.  And with easter came cuddly bunnies, colored eggs and of course chocolates, sweets and yes a lot of lunch/dinner invitation and food. I am not the kind of person who says ''No!'' to any of those, although I haven't gone as far as to stir a rabbit in our stew. And so after a week long of short-lived ( 5 days to be exact) abstinence from cola ,which happens to have a preservation effect on my youth I tell you, I came back to my usual habit with vengeance. Well, what can I say? That's my life's simpliest indulgence and basta! (^_^)

FF's family celebrates Easter Sunday together. Since nobody's keen to do the grocery, cook and clean  the dishes after ( can't blame 'em), it was then decided to have the celebration at a local restaurant: The Rebstock. The Grandfather's paying so we are rubbing our hands together in anticipation. Here's what I put on his bill.

Frühlingsvariation mit geräuchertem  Wildlack und gebratenem Gambas an Bärlauch Remoulade mit Salat. Spring variation with smoked salmon and pan fried king prawn in Ramson tartar sauce served with greens. Vibrant and refreshing. I'm starting to develop a liking to smoked salmon.

Knusprig gebratene Maispoularde an Thymian mit breiten Böhne dazu Kartoffelkroketten. Crispy fried poulard with thymes and beans served with potato croquettes. Simple and savory. The skin was seared to a crisp while the meat remained tender. The tasty poultry was swimming in an equally tasty gravy. I wish I had palangga-full of rice instead of potato croquettes! He he he

And so as Germans may say ''Aller guten Dinge sind drei'' an often heard saying  which means, All good things come in threes. I ordered  Hausgemachtes Rhababar-Eisbömchen mit Vanillasöse und marinierte Erbereen as dessert. Homemade Rhubard Parfait in vanilla sauce served with fresh marinated Strawberry. The third time is indeed a charm. My third course was a  nice way to end this satisfying meal.

Food was in my opinion better than OK and when served with coke  Emily was once again a  happy easter bunny!

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