Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sights and Eats: Singapore Day 6

Before coming to Singapore, I already heard a lot of things about the country. Clean , safe, multikulti and  small. Somebody even told me that I could see and explore the city in 1 day! Well, after 6 days in Singapore, we've discovered that things that were told to us were indeed true. The city is impeccably clean, safe(  haven't heard a police serin at all),  socially and culturally rich and small yes, but not small enough to be explored in one day. We've been here for almost a week but, I have the inclination that we are still missing a lot of things.  Today, we went back to Sentosa to visit Universal studio.

Nobody's too old for an amusement park.

Just to you give a clue what to see inside. Universal Studio SG is not big but they certainly use every square meter of the area wisely. The place is compact without giving the impression of being cramped.

First stop: Hollywood!

A Star for a star and Lights! Camera! Action!

 Explored  Madagascar. Snack bars and  restaurants are all over the place so no chance for hypoglycemic state.

Ok I was riding this merry go round and looked ridiculously happy  in many pictures. LOL. The gentle speed of this ride is all what my clogged heart could muster. 

Shrek's Shack. It's funny seeing a group of adults pushing and daring each other to take a peek inside. Seems like some people still do believe in fairy tales. (^_^)

Of course a must in every amusement park. The crown jewel. Here is Shrek's ( or his in-law's?)  castle which happens to be just a few minutes walk away from his humble shack.

The Lost World

Left: Artificial Eco system but nice nevertheless. Right: Baby Dino eyeing its first meal of the day.

If it's action you want ( from a seat that doesn't twist and turn) , be sure not to miss this place.

The show is packed with lots of combat stunts, battles, diving and falling and of course, explosions. The whole place was on fire and smoking during the play. It's like being in a movie set. Just a clue though, if you don't want to get wet or end up having  singed eyelashes, try not to sit too close in front.

The revenge of the Mummy.

Too chicken to try the ride. LOL

The  Sci Fi City which was not quite finished when we visited
The Transformer themed area. Where's Bumble Bee?

The Battlestar Galactica. I dare you!

Lunch! With 10 S$ consumable coupon per person, we barely spend anything in this meal. It was filling but a far cry from the Bongo Burgers of  Jurong Bird Park.

A show we saw through the window of  Mel's Diner. It must be pretty boring to dance to the same tune and lypsing to the same song 3 times a day and seven days a week.

Starting from Hollywood, going to Madagascar, got magically swift to Far Far Away Kingdom only to end up facing ginormous but thankfully frozen dinosaurs in the Lost World, hang around with  bare chested mummies and their abs, missed Bubble Bee in the Sci City, we finally end our journey here. New York! New York!

Shops on the right and shops on the left.

It not surprising that despite of its small sized area, we spent the entire day in this  park. After getting ourselves some souvenir items which are very abundant in this place. We decided to call it a day.

A trip to Universal Singapore is not complete without visiting the shop, Hersheys!

Chocolate bars, syrup, powder,cups,  candy . Chocolates,chocolates and mooooore  chocolates!

That pretty much sums up our day trip in Universal Studio. It was late in the afternoon when we say ''bye! bye!'' to the place. We were drenched in sweat but happy.

Since it's our last night in Singapore, we tried to make it memorable. We booked a table at  the Equinox Restaurant in Swissotel the Stamford. The place was perched on the 70th floor of the hotel. With its high celling and wide windows, it offers an unparalleled view of the metropolis. Having a window seat in the restaurant means paying something extra. Since it's our last night, we gave in for the sake of a better view.

Birds eye view of Singapore'.

Amuse Bouche.  Plates were big, servings were small, very very small but hey, It's on the house and it was yummy so we were happy. Sorry, can't remember what it was though, looks like my brain could only hold dim sum names. He he

FF and I decided to order the same thing. Here's our first course, Salmon in lobster bisque served with edible ashes. It actually has fancier name, a french one but I totally forgot it.

I'm not a big fan of lambs, unless its caldereta ( lamb o goat ba yon?!), but since I've read a few raves about the dish, I ordered it. There was still a hint of gameness to it or maybe it's just me, not being a lamb-meat lover. I guess I still like my lamb grazing on the meadow than being served on my plate chopped and swimming in a foamy mushroom gravy.

By the time dessert was served, the view outside got more prominent. To give particular emphasis on city's beautiful  backdrop, lights in the restaurant was dim almost to the point of  darkness. I could barely see our last course. It also did not help that dessert was so tiny! Sayang, yummy pa naman. The view is indeed spectacular, unfortunately despite of the restaurant's opulence, our dinner did not quite impress me.

Lesson learned: A man does not need to dig deeper into  his pocket to be satisfied.
 I have a feeling, I would be much happier and more sated if we've gone back to Clarke Quay . I don't mean to sound too spoilt! I guess after a week of stay in Singapore, I'm used to good  but inexpensive foods. Kuripot ako eh! Well more reason to go back and visit Singapore then! (^_^)

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