Saturday, May 21, 2011

La Dolce Vita, Freudenstadt

FF and I went  on a road trip. After hours of driving around we found ourselves in Freudenstadt. A small town in Germany famous for having the biggest market square in the country. After looking around for a couple of hours , we decided to stay for lunch before travelling further . The town has numerous restaurants. From typical Badische cuisine to Asian fastfood restaurants , so choices were aplenty. Sample menus were  hanged outside the restaurants' premises to invite and entice snoopers. Among all the sample menus we've seen, one caught our fancy. The Italian restaurant, La Dolce Vita, looked promising . Man oh man, I'm glad we've choosen this place. The food was delicious. Here's what we had for lunch.

FF said, he wants to have some meat. He's been craving for steaks for days. And so meaty steak he had.He ordered  Filetto Gorgonzola : Filet of beef in Gorgonzola and Cognac Sauce served with Pasta. He was hmmmming and ahhhhing with every mouthful. The thick stab of meat was cooked to perfection, it was juicy and tender.The gorgonzola sauce was whiffing  with fragrance.  The aromatic cheese pairs surprisingly well with the cognac's subtle note. The gravy/sauce though rubost, did not overwhelm the filet's own succulence. FF was happy with his meat and I fully understand why.

For once, I said no to meat ( I know!I know!) and  went for Salmone ala griglia instead: Grilled salmon with Tagliatelle in herb sauce. One nibble  and I was blown away. This was the best salmon I had in my life! The filet was well marinated and has a strong lemony tang. The salmon skin had a  soury hint with a just right saltiness . It tickles and tease my gums . This salmon died for a good cause and I am thoroughly greatful for it.  The vegetable were also grilled perfectly and the pasta remained al dente. The pine nuts added a nice touch. 

I payed my compliments to the chef, who gracefully went out of the kichen for a little chit chat. Portions are just right. It's not too much that would put your appetite off the food and not too little for you to  feel ripped off , it gives your tummy enough room for dessert too! We ordered these, ate half portion each and switched plates. (^^)

Creme Brulee. Italians certainly know how to make my favorite dessert, or at least  the La Dolce Vita Restaurant does. The custard is rich without being overly thick, no eggy hint to it, just enough sweetness  to tantalize the tongue. I want to bury myself in it!

Panna Cotta. A bit over the top presentation but mouth watering nevertheless. Freshly made, the chef informed us proudly. It was drenched in sweet caramel and strawberry sauce and served with whipped cream. It was delicious but not as delicious as the creme brulee.

This is definitely  not our last visit. So long Freudenstadt , I'll be back!

La Dolce Vita
Reichsstraße 38
72250 Freudenstadt
07441 924892

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